Dior Lipstick Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

Dior is a beauty brand known for its quality products in and outside Singapore. The lipstick is not left out as it has natural oils that make it exceptionally different. It helps to soften and keep the lips well-moisturized. Below are some  Dior Lipstick Reviews curated by beauty editors.


  • This Dior lipstick lasts for hours.
  • Formulated with Camelia and flower oil.
  • It has a matte finish.

Reviews By 3 Top Influencers And Beauty Websites

Female Mag had a lot to say about the Dior lipstick collections. They mentioned that it leaves the lips looking flawless and moisturized. The texture is natural because of the camellia, almond oils and Shea butter in the product.

Kitty raved about the quality of this rouge Dior lipstick. She loved the soft petal-shaped applicator which makes applying the lipstick easy. She mentioned that the strong scent fades as soon as the lipstick dries out and, the lipstick itself is not sticky.

Escentual took delight in the Dior lipsticks because of their wide range of shades with inspiration from flower colors. The petal-like brush makes it easy to use. Also, the fancy packaging makes it more appealing to carry around. She also stated that it is has adequate pigments and so, it lasts long on the lips.


lipstick dior reviews

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Common FAQs on Lipstick Dior

  • What essential oils were used in the Dior lipstick?

It contains camelia seed oil, almond oil,  and Shea butter which help the lips stay moisturized and kissable.

  • Does it come in nude shades?

Yes, there are a variety of nude shades to choose from.

  • Does it help hide parched and cracked lips?

Yes. It helps soften and smoothen the lips into its natural texture and moisture.

Our Verdict

The lipstick is well known and highly recommended. It comes in different shades and is long-wearing for up to 10 hours.

For (+)

  • It has a matte finish.
  • Comes in different natural shade.
  • Handy and easy to use.

Against (-)

  • A bit expensive
  • The original brush may not help apply evenly on the lips.

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