An Intelligent Product Trial Platform

Product Trials Are Critical For Businesses Of All Sizes

Start-ups, small to medium businesses to leading brands, everyone needs to sample their products. We provide product trials for a wide variety of categories at different stages of the product life cycle. We don't send your samples to just any customer. We send them to your target audience and help you acquire new customers.

    Audience Segmentation


    Everyday Shopper

    These are consumers who browse and shop for products on a regular basis

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    These are experts who have subject matter knowledge and authority in their domain. eg. Dermatologist

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    These are consumers who love showcasing their lifestyle on social media and have a notable following

    What We Offer?

    hoppingo app

    Build High Quality Trials

    We help brands put their products in consumer hands and drive conversations that builds consideration that leads to sales. engage consumers through a more involved and personalized experience

    Jumpstart Product Launches With Reviews

    Collect user-generated reviews and ratings to ensure a successful product launch. Targeted product trials leads to content creation, reviews and strong digital footprint. Reviews and Ratings have a direct impact on number of orders

    Quick Learning On Soft Launches

    Understand how consumers will use your product and uncover consumer insights. Product Trials have immediate to sustained impact on sales

    Actionable Insights

    Predictive analysis and forecasting allows easy-to-digest insights that can help brands improve your products, upgrade your marketing, and reduce return rate. Avoid inefficiencies in product trial.

    Product Trial Strategies


    On Demand Product Trials

    “Try before you buy” is becoming a predominant trend. Each brand needs to have a way of disseminating samples for product trial. Don’t miss out on consumers who are looking to try. Add products to our catalog and never miss out on a customer looking to try.
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    Match Making Product Trials

    We match consumers with products we know they’ll love, because sampling isn’t one size fits all. We take into account consumer interest and behavior and a lot of other parameters to send out samples to the right consumer.

    Targeted Product Trials

    Want to reduce inefficiencies from product trials by sending samples to a targeted segment? Reducing wastage can significantly increase ROI on product sampling. We do this by tagging your products with relevant products/channel partners.

    Mass Product Trials

    A new product launch requires mass trials. In addition to generating reviews, product trials increase social awareness and help recruit new customers. Launching something new isn’t what is used to be; innovative tactics are required to cut through the noise.
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    We create social commerce events and our samplers try products and review them live for your audience.

    Leverage the growing consumer preference of "Try Before You Buy"

    Smart Brands are moving towards data-driven in-home sampling, a quick and effective way to drive brand awareness, product trials, reviews, ratings and insights.

    Traditional Sampling
    New-Age Digital Product Trials

    Traditional Sampling

    • Not very targeted
    • Difficult to Track ROI
    • Limited Insights
    • Tedious Process

    New-Age Digital Product Trials

    • Very Targeted
    • Track & Crack ROI
    • Insightful Dashboard
    • Easy To Execute Campaigns

    img meera vasudevan

    “Perhaps the most effective and most ‘close touch’ consumer marketing technique is product sampling. Your consumer gets to experience your product, has to make no financial commitment and provides instant feedback. All this at point of purchase, where decisions are often impulse-driven. Covid has put brake to sampling programs as we all stay home, avoid contact and isolate. Here’s where Hoppingo has turned this problem into an exciting new venture. In-home is the future – consumers opt in for it, they are happy to sample at home and provide feedback. Reduces the costs of sampling physically at various locations and also reduces wastage of random in-store sampling programs. What’s not to like? “

    Meera Vasudevan – Co-founder

    Centre for the Spread of Affordable Wellness (

    has been a serial entrepreneur for most of her working career, co-founding and investing in successful businesses in the services and consumer brands area.

    Create Product Trial Campaigns The Way You Buy Digital Media

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    Set Objective For Sampling Activity

    Select Audience Details

    Track Performance

    End To End of Product Trial Campaign


    Bespoke Sample Design & Packaging

    We help you conceptualize and create bespoke packaging to meet the changing needs. Our aim is to generate a good marketing ROI for your campaigns.
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    Warehousing & Fulfillment

    We handle the shipment of your product trials to your audience
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    Data Insights

    Our analytics dashboard tracks your sampling program in real time, showing insights on demographics, lifestyle habits, ratings & reviews and so much more.
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    Remarketing & Content Marketing

    Follow up sampling with remarketing campaign for reviews, rating, polls, social share and sales. Each product that we send out to shoppers is also tested by our inhouse experts and editorial coverage is provided in our shopping guide.

    Our Channel Partners

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    About Us

    We are building the most intelligent
    Product Discovery Platform

    Product Trials are incredibly important for any brand.
    Brands achieve incremental business returns by constantly recruiting new customers.

    Our Mission

    To create a product trial hub to promote sampling through our app and channel partners and deliver transformational marketing solutions to brands.

    Our Story

    After studying how consumers discover and consume brands, few thing struck us – Try before you buy is becoming a predominant trend and product trials are the most effective way of gaining consumer trust and loyalty. All that was left to do was to build the technology. We’ve built world’s best technology for effective product sampling.

    Team that Makes it Happen

    When passionate shoppers and techies come together, some amazing things are bound to happen.

    img swati gauba x

    Swati Gauba

    Chief Digital Officer
    img avilsir x

    Avil Porwal

    Chief Technology Officer
    aparna malhotra x

    Aparna Malhotra

    Chief Content Officer

    Advisory Board

    img nayantara bali x

    Nayantara Bali

    Business leader with 32 years of experience in the FMCG industry. Has worked on a wide range of categories as P&L leader with Procter & Gamble including Skin and Personal Care, Hair Care and Colour, Baby Care, Feminine Care, Fabric care, and Male Shaving (Gillette) across both Developed and Developing markets. Known for understanding complex situations and applying sharp strategic thinking, intuition and insight to actions that drive results. Led the Diversity programme in Asia for Procter & Gamble. Currently a Director on the Boards of Starhub in Singapore and Torrent Pharmaceuticals in India. An MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

    img rahul budhraja x

    Rahul Budhraja

    Managing Partner with Analytic Edge. He has 20+ years of experience in marketing and customer analytics, business strategy and client consulting engagements. Prior to Analytic Edge, Rahul was an Executive Director for Analytics Consulting with The Nielsen Company in Singapore. At Nielsen, he provided leadership on analytics consulting engagements to several large multinationals and local giants in Asia Pacific on strategic issues related to sales and marketing effectiveness. Rahul has a Masters degree from Stern School of Business at New York University where he majored in Statistics and an MBA in Marketing & International Business from Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, USA.