How are teenagers shopping? From the lockdown days of whipped coffee and Chloe Ting workout videos, to the present flare pants and love for skincare, the teenage girls world are ever-changing. To help you stay in-trend and keep up with Gen-Z’s teenaged girls, we have come up with the best styles, brands and products being used by the tiktok-loving teen girls of 2021. Whether you’re a parent cluelessly wondering what to get your teenage daughter, or a teenager yourself adding things to your wish-list, this article is for you.

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We surveyed teenage girls in Singapore to get you the best and most reliable information on how teenagers are shopping. Reaching out to 100 teenaged girls allowed us to get a deeper insight into how this cohort is shopping with regard to Fashion, Activewear, Jewelry, Accessories, Skincare and much more. 

Online Vs Offline

If you are still lost, or want to do some more browsing, exploring Zara is your best option, say our teenagers. The incredible pastels and floral designs on their new fall collection make it hard to ignore. 

Similar to what you may find at Zara, many teenagers are shopping at Princess Polly, an e-commerce site based in Australia. However, it comes at a price – a high one! If you are looking for something with a much lower and more affordable price range, take a look at SHEIN. 

SHEIN is also an e-commerce site. SHEIN offers extremely low prices, but in regards to the material and design, what you see might not be what you get! They have also been called out for unethical practice. 

Discover Top Fashion Trends For Teenagers

As part of our survey, we asked our teens what their favourite fashion trends are. Unsurprisingly, 79.3% said their favourite was Crop Tops! Old, but evidently still gold. If you are looking for more simple and day-to-day crop tops, you may want to look at stores such as Cotton On and H&M. 

If you are on the lookout for more detailed and formal crop tops, check Zara, Bershka or Princess Polly. 

The second favourite fashion trend of 2021, voted in by 48.6%, are Flare Pants! This fashion trend was initially popular around the 1980’s and is now making an epic comeback. They are a great way to turn a casual look into a sophisticated one. If you’re in need of a pair, H&M and Bershka have great options. 

Coming in at a very close third, with 44.8%, are Halter Tops! They work for all occasions, be it a family dinner, a day at the beach, or even just lounging around at home.  

Mom Jeans are the new skinny jeans!

Another cool and popular fashion style are Corset Tops! Once upon a time, corset tops were associated with horse carriages, royal gowns and black and white movies. It is now making a modernised comeback. Princess Polly has a great collection. 

Best Jewelry Trends For Teenagers

Wearing the right kind of jewelry can completely change your look for the better. A lot of the time, it is that missing aspect of an outfit that completes it. Therefore, it is crucial that you are buying the right jewelry from the right places. 

The two biggest brand names that teenagers are shopping at is Pandora and Lovisa. Although both of these places are equally popular, they differ on one main aspect – the price. Pandora is a more expensive and high-end brand, whereas Lovisa is more affordable for teenagers, and has a larger variety. However, Lovisa products can often tarnish quite quickly and can irritate sensitive skin, according to those surveyed. 

Pandora is very popular for their collection of rings. 


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Lovisa offers a wide collection of jewelry. But are mainly known for their earrings. 


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Activewear Brands For Teenagers

When doing any strenuous exercise, it is best to be wearing activewear that is comfortable and supportive. One popular market leader, Nike, is known for its activewear. These are the most popular Nike shorts and leggings, great for running and all types of sports, according to our teenagers.

Teenagers agree that Nike shoes are also a ‘must have’ for exercise or even daily wear, especially the new Air Jordan 1’s. 

However, if you are not a fan of just doing it (pun intended), you may want to explore Lululemon


Checkout Accessory Trends For Teenagers

Accessories make everything better. Whether it’s a handbag or a wallet or even a small scrunchie on the wrist, accessories are a must. But where to buy them? If you are looking for general accessories, teenagers are shopping at the Cotton On Group. More specifically, Rubi. There are more than 10 Rubi outlets located all around Singapore, and its affordability makes it a great gift for a friend or for you. 

The Longchamp Le Pliage bags is making a big comeback and becoming a significant trendy accessory in Singapore. Buy one here.

One other very cool trend that is making its way all over teens in Singapore is shoulder bags. They are a great and more sophisticated alternative to a drawstring bag, and adds to your evening look. Princess Polly has a variety of different shoulder bags. Louis Vuitton and Versace  also have very popular and cute shoulder bags. “if you’re willing to spare a few Ks, go for it!,” says one respondent. 

Another fun way to spice up your hair is the use of Claw Clips. They have been a great accessory since the 90’s and are still loved by many teens today. 

Most Loved Skincare Brands

Lately, the Skincare industry is becoming more and more popular. In our lockdown in 2020, health and hygiene became a very popular theme across all social media. Followers of influencers and celebrities became more engaged in the act of taking care of themselves, mentally and physically. On platforms such as Tiktok, people began posting about skincare routines and products that were effective and had helped them, and as a result, they inspired viewers to start buying them. 

When overviewing the survey responses, three brand names were common across most answers; Cetaphil, Cerave and The Ordinary. They are all great products, but the one you should use depends on your skin type. Take a test here to find out more about your skin type

CeraVe and Cetaphil are both similar brands in regards to the results they provide and are both famous for their cleansers and moisturizers, However, Cetaphil is known to be a little more gentle and soft on the skin.

The Ordinary products are a bit more harsh on the skin, but are very popular for showing incredible results. The most popular serums are the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, and the Salicylic Acid 2% solution. The third Ordinary product that started to become popular last year, is the 2% BHA masque. Before making purchases of these sorts, make sure you check with your dermatologist first. 


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Most Loved Haircare Brand

The haircare brand OGX is very popular with teens. OGX has many different types of shampoos and conditioners with different scents and colors. They also offer a great Moroccan Argan oil, said an interviewed teen. 

Gift Or Gift Cards For Teenager

Gift or Gift Card? On someone’s birthday or any other type of festivity, gift giving can be a real pain in the wallet. Do you really know if they will like your gift? If the answer is no, then it’s best to give no gift at all. If you don’t want to show up empty handed, give a gift card instead. Gift Cards are the safety net of gift giving. They are the essence of the CBA attitude (Can’t Be A*sed..sorry, teenager slang!)

When doing the survey, we found that people would prefer to receive a personal and long-lasting gift, but not if you aren’t close. But a gift card from where? To relieve your stress about giving this gift, we have asked the teenagers to narrow down the places they’d like to receive a gift card from. 

Delivery and shipping costs can be painful, and a gift card from an online store like Princess Polly or Urban Outfitters can save the day. 

If you would rather buy a gift card from somewhere closer to home, you’re likely to find a Zara or Bershka, which are both great gifts to receive!  

Other Teenage Trends


When asking the teenagers which products helped them get through HBL (Home-Based Learning) and made it more enjoyable, many had technology related responses. The recurring product was Airpods from Apple.

Gua Sha

In relation to the entire skincare phenomenon, lately, teenagers are shopping for Gua Shas and Jade Rollers. It is a way of relaxing your skin and depuffing it. You can buy this at your local Sephora. 

LED Lights

At this point, it could be safe to assume that all teenagers own LED lights. It started last year in lockdown and has remained a constant trend. It is an absolute ‘must have’ product. 

Disposable Cameras

Disposable Cameras are a great way to capture memories on film, especially during school vacations. The photos come out looking spectacular and all teenagers are shopping for them. 

Room and Home Decor are also becoming very popular.

The Wrong Direction: What Not To Get When Teenage Shopping

While all the teens listed the “Little Things” that they would love to have, we also requested them to give us some items that don’t pass the vibe check, so that we could help you “One way or Another.” And here they are:

  1. Animal Print – avoid at all costs!
  2. Chokers – this is more of a gift for the pre-teens. 
  3. Socks – Unless they are crazy and fun socks, don’t buy them.
  4. Toys – It’s easy to forget, but these teens aren’t kids anymore!
  5. They usually don’t show preference towards websites like Lazada, Shopee etc.

The Takeaway

With these brands, styles and products, you can stay trendy with the teens and give the best presents. Let us know in the comments what your favorite products and trends are! Thanks for reading.

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