Baby Nursery Ideas By Social Media Sensation Naomi Neo

Most women like to be ready for the arrival of their babies, the new mother prepares things to make sure she and her baby are comfortable when they get back home. Naomi Neo is no exception as she takes us through the preparations for her second child’s birth.

Things Naomi Neo Bought Before The Arrival Of Her Baby Girl

1. Wallpaper

A wallpaper is possibly the most important part of a nursery. According to Naomi, one of the first few things she wanted to change when redoing the nursery was the wallpaper because the previous one was in bad condition. She chose a gender-neutral, vibrant safari-themed wallpaper that was installed within three hours. 

Here’s one of our favorite wallpapers from Amazon

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2. Baby’s Dresser

A baby dresser? Very essential. Naomi has chosen to reuse the dresser that her first child used, except that she has decided to use the top as a changing table for the new baby. On top of the dresser she has prepared; wet wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, cotton balls, and q-tips. 


3. Trolley of essentials

On this trolley, Naomi has newborn diapers, a small basket of things the baby will need, baby powder, mosquito repellent cream, breast milk storage bags for herself, and her breast milk pump.

Here’s a beautiful trolley of essentials from Amazon

Baby Nursery Ideas Shared By Naomi Neo 3

4. Baby Mobile and Cot

When searching for safari-themed baby mobiles, Naomi reveals she had a really hard time and the baby cot and mobile are two things she’s most proud of. The cot is the Kaylula Sova Cot from Babyhood. She has also included a soft blankie for the baby. We all know how babies represent softness to the tee!

Here’s a Baby Cot that we absolutely loved


Kaylula Sova Cot

5. Rocking Bed

The importance of rocking beds or chairs cannot be overemphasized and Naomi has chosen a wooden rocking bed for herself and her daughter. Here’s a rocking wooden bed from Amazon that has great reviews and ratings

Baby Nursery Ideas Shared By Naomi Neo 5

6. Purifier

You have to ensure that your newborn baby has clean air at all times and this is what Naomi does with the Dyson Purifier

Dyson Purifier

7. Wall shelves, Nightlights and Baby Monitor

It’s common knowledge that bedtime stories are a must! Naomi has done justice to this by seeing that her two wall shelves have been loaded with books. She thought it cute to include a nightlight and has a baby monitor ready.

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8. Wardrobes

Babies need a lot of clothes so while you may have a dresser already, you probably still need a wardrobe for your child. Naomi has stuffed two wardrobes full of clothes for her daughter’s arrival.

9. Shoes

Your baby needs shoes, obviously. While some people might decide to hold on until the baby has been born, Naomi has wasted no time in purchasing several shoes of different kinds for her daughter.

10. Bows, Ribbons, and Headwear

Bows are a baby girl’s best friend! If you’re having a baby girl, waste no time in buying bows. Naomi admits that she probably spent a little too much on headwear, but she understood the assignment. 

11. Outing Clothes

As Naomi and her baby girl would probably be going on many adventures together, she has purchased a drawer full of outing clothes and was kind enough to show us her favorite ones from the lot.

12. Socks, Towels, and Burp Cloths

These items are as essential as the word ‘essential’ and again, Naomi has stocked a drawer full of these items for her baby girl. She also highlights her two favorite pairs of socks.

13. Homeware and Pyjamas

Homeware and Pyjamas are important clothing categories and Naomi has included homeware with different sleeves for her baby.

14. Bibs

Although bibs can wait, especially if you’re going for exclusive breastfeeding, Naomi made a decision to stock bibs for when her daughter is 6 months old and has stopped drinking breast milk exclusively.

15. Feeding bottles

Feeding bottles are essential, exclusive breastfeeding or not. Naomi has these purchased from Hegen and stowed neatly away for when she starts bottle-feeding her child.

Hegen Feeding Bottles

16. Clothes, clothes and more clothes

Looks like Naomi shopped almost every type of baby clothes available as she displayed hoodies, tutus, onesies, dungarees, and the likes.

17. Milestone Photo Frame

Everyone is all about keeping records of milestones nowadays. This applies to your baby as well and Naomi Neo knows it too because she invested in a milestone photo frame where she can include pictures of her baby as she passes her monthly milestones.

18. Stamp Board

According to Naomi, this is a stamp Board where you can get your baby’s hand and footprints and display them on a photo frame.

19. Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmers for when Naomi needs to heat up the breast milk eventually when she starts bottle-feeding her child.

20. Swaddles, Cot sheets, and Blankets

Snuggle Hunny


Naomi has invested in swaddles, cot sheets and blankets from the brand Snuggle Honey and she absolutely loves the materials used in making their sheets.

21. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are one of the most essential needs when you’re having a baby and Naomi has purchased a baby carrier in Mesh Material.

22. Stroller


The Bugaboo Bee


Naomi reveals the last item in this video and it is the baby stroller – The Bugaboo B6 which she purchased from Mother Care. Strollers and baby carriers are kinda the most important things, right?

In conclusion, Naomi shows her viewers how the stroller works, and its functionality and reveals that the experience of going through the preparations was enjoyable.

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Author: Deborah Alfred