Foundation Lakme Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

Finding a foundation that gives sheer coverage can be difficult. But, that happens to be what the Lakme Foundation promises to offer. It is a water- based foundation formulated to make the skin color look evener. Below are some Foundation Lakme reviews by beauty connoisseurs.


  • Water based
  • Long lasting
  • Natural matte finish
  • Skin brightening Foundation

Foundation Lakme Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

One of the foundation Lakme reviews on Femaledaily reveal that the product might not be good for all skin types. Some reviewers with oily skin stated that it didn’t do their skin good, while those with dry skin complimented it.

Fitria on Shopee reviewed that the product has an original feel to it and the packaging was neat. She also liked that it’s way cheaper than some other foundations.

Hesti on her YouTube channel reviewed the Lakme foundation as one of the foundations that has helped her create the perfect base for her makeup.


foundation lakme reviews

Lakme Absolute reinvent Skin Brightening Foundation can be found on Shopee for $8.04

Common FAQs on Foundation Lakme

  • What is the difference between Lakme Mousse and Foundation?

Lakme Mousse is designed to offer a feather light finish with a matte look while the Lakme foundation is designed for dry skin and to offer a creamy texture that delivers moisture and coverage.

  • Is Lakme a good brand?

Lakme is a top ranking makeup brand in India and they are known to produce good quality wide range of products.

  • Should I put powder over my Foundation?

You should apply foundation only when necessary.

Our Verdict

Lakme Foundation offers a full and natural look

For (+)

  • Feels light and moisturizing
  • Easy to flatten

Against (-)

  • Might not be suitable for oily skin

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