Concealer Tarte Reviews By Top Beauty Bloggers

Having a concealer that doubles as a highlighter can help reduce costs. Looking for that concealer that is vegan and gives full coverage to your face? Here is the Tarte Concealer and it is available in Singapore! Below are some Concealer Tarte reviews by beauty bloggers.



  • The Concealer Tarte is parabens-free
  • It is a Vegan based concealer.
  • The concealer doubles as a highlighter.


Customer Reviews

Many beauty enthusiasts gave high recommendations on the newly formulated Tarte Concealer. They said it gives full coverage and blends easily with the skin to hide impurities. The most talked-about feature is its ability to double as a highlighter.


Reviews By 3 Top Influencers And Beauty Websites

Singaporebeautyproducts gave an unbiased review on her blog. She mentioned that it is an average concealer that has an average pigment and coverage to the face. Although, she admired its wide range of shades, however, she believes the concealed is overhyped.

Cleo a beauty blog recommended that the new Tarte Concealer is worth a try. It helps hides blemishes, gives full coverage and is available in 28 shades in Sephora Singapore stores. Also, she said that it can be used as a highlighter or contour.

Honeycombers  expressed that the Tarte Concealer is easy to blend. She stated that its ability to hide blemishes while it does not dry up quickly makes it has made it win the heart of many beauty product users.


concealer tarte reviews

Available for purchase on Sephora.

Common FAQs 

  • Is the Tarte a full coverage concealer?

Yes, it is.

  • Do you recommend the Tarte Concealer for dry skin?

Users have shown that it can be used under the eye for any skin type but it is more suitable for oily skin.

  • Do I need to buy a contour alongside the Tarte Concealer?

No. The Tarte concealer doubles as a contour and highlighter.


Our Verdict

We highly recommend the Tarte Concealer for its budget-friendly price. It also gives full coverage to help hide the tiniest of blemish.

For (+)

  • Vegan-based product.
  • Gives a matte finish
  • It helps brighten the skin into a smooth look

Against (-)

  • Not a perfect substitute for a contour.


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