Beam and Lena’s whirlwind relationships eventually contributed to them marriage, that have Lena later on giving birth so you can a good ded Tina

Psychotic femme fatale Lena Mathers Reardon Lena Mathers Reardon aka Thelma Sneeder (Madchen Amick) is the newest villainess of 1993 film Dream Lover.

Introduction [ ]

Lena is actually introduced encountering designer Ray Reardon (the fresh new film’s chief protagonist) during the a museum starting, having Ray accidentally bumping towards the Lena and you may ultimately causing her so you can spill drink on the skirt. Lena answered from the viciously lambasting Ray ahead of storming out, however, seven days later, Ray found Lena to have the second day in the a market. Upon recognizing Ray, Lena conveyed embarrassment out of their particular outburst and you will apologized.

Shortly after and make introductions, Beam adopted Lena into checkout range and you may requested their own out towards a date, to your few choosing to head to a sushi restaurant together. Over food, Lena revealed she familiar with work with a family into the The brand new York just like the Vp off sales, only to end fired and blackballed shortly after she resisted their own boss’s sexual improves. Ray and you may Lena’s dating struck a snag after Ray saw Lena hug an alternative people so long external her flat, having Ray mentioning which to Lena once increasing in order to her flat. As a result, Lena reveals that the guy was only a pal and you may is actually gay, while also confessing you to definitely she had create strong romantic emotions having Beam.

Beam reciprocated Lena’s affections additionally the several engaged in a passionate tryst, that have Lena later on setting up in order to Beam on the their mothers, proclaiming that their mom try really abusive and this their unique dad commonly watched as her mommy defeat their particular.

Situations [ ]

24 months later on, yet not, Ray found themselves affected having suspicions regarding Lena, watching their own getting confused with a woman titled Missy out of Piru, Texas because they was away dining (which have Lena saying that it absolutely was the second affair of this happening) and you can studying regarding functions associate Celine Rogers you to she didn’t remember Lena probably college at Swarthmore, despite Lena stating she is there the same season Celine was. In response to help you Ray taking it up to help you their own, Lena said she didn’t remember Celine throughout the school, however, hit a whole lot more uncertainty from inside the Beam whenever she identified Sam Shaw once the a good classmate; in actuality, he was brand new dean out of Swarthmore who died of a middle assault if you’re talking to their pupils.

Along with his suspicions raised, Beam went along to Piru to find out if individuals recognized Lena, which have a person named Pal discussing that Lena’s genuine identity are Thelma Sneeder and this she had a practice having attracting rich dudes, other than that she’d before seduced him and you can performed some thing so you’re able to your which he did not recite. Just after fulfilling the brand new Sneeders, Ray produced the happy couple back into their and you can Lena’s home, which have Lena joyfully greet their particular mothers and you may revealing so you’re able to Beam later on you to definitely she had advised them Ray worked with the brand new CIA so you’re able to keep them out-of seeing.

If you are Lena also said their particular mothers had been abusive in their own right, she would after admit shortly after their particular parents’ visit (which in fact had Beam comprehend the Sneeders was indeed loving parents in order to Lena) you to definitely she reduce them out-of their lives and you will changed their own term to Lena Mathers to avoid residing poverty and you may marrying Buddy. When Beam experienced Lena having sleeping so you can him and you can stated that their own treasures made your alter exactly how the guy spotted their, Lena countered new allege because of the arguing the fresh disclosure is actually and come up with Ray matter his very own name. One to nights, not, Lena apologized so you’re able to Ray having sleeping so you can him and shown she wanted to begin delivering her moms and dads cash on a monthly foundation to assist them to out. Because of this, Beam and you will Lena resigned and later provided beginning to a keen unnamed young man.


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