Slide blob screens Try Before You Buy We are democratizing influencer marketing by giving EVERYBODY a fair chance to try products and influence their network.

Hoppingo's Product Discovery & Trial mobile app is the online version of the pop-up market where you could try products before committing to buy them. But now you can enjoy those samples from the comfort of your home.

Brands want you to try their products. So we have created a catalog of all the products that you can try. Sounds fun and rewarding?
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For You
You don’t need social media followers to try products for FREE. All you need to do is - receive samples, review the products and share them within your network. Your network is your friends and family on WhatsApp or your colleagues or your neighbor.

Brands are looking to work with you instead of engaging and paying just a handful of influencers to promote their products. They believe in the power of authentic word of mouth.
Slide blob screens Simple To Use Simply download the Hoppingo mobile application and order products for trial or get themed boxes. Share your honest feedback with the brands. If you like what you try, buy a full-size product and enjoy great discounts.

There are also reward points to be won for your actions and you can earn some uber-cool badges and enjoy many more perks.
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