BALASUNDARAM P (2007) Love is not an atmosphere: believe and you can disability in the context of poverty

Journal off Faith, Disability & Health 11 (2) 15-twenty-two. Mcdougal records and you can interprets discussions into spiritual facts within this a great self-help gang of mothers having somewhat disabled youngsters and you will fulfilling monthly more than 10 years, in an exceedingly bad area of South Delhi. Regarding young adults to help you ladies in their 50s, these types of moms and dads come from additional believe experiences, and lots of had achieved Delhi from outlying section. Extremely had been administered no simple help from agents of their own spiritual people, and had to discover their particular varied answers to inquiries away from fault, guilt, karma, the desire regarding Jesus, or any other religious circumstances, amidst pressure from will stigmatising societal attitudes.

BALODHI JP & Chowdhary, J Roy (1986) Psychological axioms when you look at the Atharva Veda: an assessment. Indian Record regarding Psychiatry twenty-eight: 63-68. Short term opinion. Acknowledges “significant disagreement” ranging from a symbol, etymological, or exact perceptions away from Vedic terminology.

2nd model. Basel. 105 pp. Member of children off respected medical article authors, Bartholin generated specific degree especially to your disability. (Find next item).

BARTHOLIN T (1672) De- morbis biblicis miscellanea medica. 2nd model. Frankfurt. 133 pp. See note into prior items. Today’s works and additionally appeared in English transl. because of the J Willis, in the a release blogged 1994, Copenhagen.

AL-BASIT, Musa (2000) Huquq al-Mu`awwaqin fi al-Shari`a great al-Islamiyya [Liberties of the handicapped on the Islamic Shariah.] Um este Fahem: Markaz al-Dirasat al-Mu`asira. [Not viewed. From inside the Dr Rispler-Chaim’s “Handicap in the Islamic Rules” (here, 2007, select pp. 123-134, plus notes and you will records pp. 152-153) their own English translation of “a percentage” of Dr al-Basit’s works seems, having permission. So it wide variety in order to a broad-varying essay out of more than 6000 words, handling definitions and you can sorts of disability, responsibilities and you may liabilities off disabled persons, Islamic an easy way to end handicap, ethical, religious and you may emotional worry provided to help you handicapped persons within this Islam, specific prominent Muslims that have disabilities, thing conditions to possess disabled some one, and you will recommendations on Qur’an, hadiths and other books.]

Indian Female Evangelist 8: 241-244. Specifics of the training from a deaf Indian youngster (afterwards baptised ‘Ellen’) who was found abandoned throughout the jungle, from inside the a good feral county, and you will are brought home of the author’s dad, a missionary during the Chupra. Unaware of people basic sign words, Skip Baumann learnt to help you converse with Ellen by a network regarding body gestures, and you can said the slow amounts whereby she turned conscious of Ellen’s intelligence and progress inside spiritual expertise, coordinated because of the revolutionary alterations in their particular private and you will social behavior.

BAZNA, S ) Impairment about Qur’an: brand new Islamic alternative to defining, viewing and you may per handicap. Diary away from Religion, Impairment & Health 9 (1) 5-27pares antique perceptions out-of related texts, with some progressive direction towards the impairment. Explores the brand new definitions of some handicap-related terms once the considering in the early 14th century Lisan ul-Arab (Beirut: Dar Ehia al-Tourath al-Arabi) by the Ibn Manzur [c. 1230-1311], an enormous lexicon obtained based on prior to Thessaloniki female dictionaries.

BARTHOLIN, Thomas (1662) Paralytici enti, medico ainsi que philologico commentari illustrati

BENZAHRA, Saloua Ali (2002) Signal of handicapped during the Arab / Islamic culture and you can literature out-of Northern Africa as well as the Middle eastern countries. Unpubl. doctoral thesis, Univ. Minnesota.

BAUMANN E (1886) Deaf and dumb Ellen and just how she became a good Religious

BERTRAM G (1967) [Greek] mOros. In: Grams Kittel (ed) Theological Dictionary of one’s New-testament, transl. GW Bromiley, pp. 832-847. Huge Rapids MI: Eerdmans. Covers inside the high detail this new Greek keyword and you will relevant conditions, variously meaning ‘foolish, dull-witted, feeble-minded’ in the New testament and before literary works, with copious recommendations.

The brand new BHAGAVADGITA towards the Sanatsugatiya therefore the Anugita (1898) 2nd edition, transl. KT Telang, SBE 8. Oxford: Clarendon. Anugita ch. XXI, Brahma’s sound identifying dark and you can ignorance, plus immaturity from intelligence, diminished discrimination, stolidity (pp. 317-23). Individuals with like properties are worst-doers, doomed to possess revival as dogs, demons, idiots, deaf-and-dumb etcetera.


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