Amounts However, the female children, that have unfamiliar one from the lying having your, keep live having yourselves

The newest Cardiovascular system English Bible and watch among the captives a lovely woman, and you also want to just take their particular as your wife;

Webster’s Bible Interpretation And you can thou seest among the many captives an attractive woman, and you will hast a want to her, one to thou wouldest possess their unique to possess thy spouse:

Business English Bible to check out one of many captives a beautiful woman, and you are clearly drawn to her, and wish to get their as your spouse,

Young’s Exact Translation and you can hast found in the latest captivity a lady of fair means, and you may hast delighted in her own, and hast brought to thee to have a spouse,

Deuteronomy When you go to battle against your own enemies as well as the LORD the God provides all of them into the give and also you grab all of them attentive,

And determine one of the captives a beautiful woman, and then have a need to their, that you will has actually their towards the wife;

Genesis six:dos That the sons of Goodness noticed the daughters of males which they were fair; and additionally they got all of them wives of all that they chose.

Genesis ,fifteen Plus it involved ticket, one, whenever Abram are come into Egypt, the latest Egyptians beheld new lady that she try most fair…

English Important Adaptation And also you will maybe not get a lady given that an opponent spouse to help you their unique sister, discovering her nakedness if you are their particular sis continues to be alive.

This new Lifestyle Interpretation “If you find yourself your spouse was life, do not marry their particular sibling and have now sexual relations with her, having they might be rivals

Berean Practical Bible You shouldn’t bring your wife’s cousin just like the an opponent spouse and also sexual connections together with her whenever you are the spouse remains live.

Queen James Bible None shalt thou need a partner to help you their aunt, so you can vex their unique, to uncover her nakedness, next to the other inside her life time.

New King James Version Nor will you take a lady as the a competitor so you’re able to their own cousin, to find their nakedness as the other is real time.

The latest American Important Bible And you shall perhaps not marry min anmeldelse her a lady along with their unique aunt while the one minute partner when you are she was real time, to know their own nakedness.

NASB 1995 &#8216You should not get married a female plus their own cousin once the a competition if you find yourself she is real time, to discover their own nakedness.

NASB 1977 ‘And you shall maybe not marry a female and additionally their own sis since a competition if you’re she is real time, to know their nakedness.

Heritage Fundamental Bible And also you shall not marry a female in the inclusion so you can their own cousin as a rival if you are she’s real time, to realize her nakedness.

Increased Bible You’ll not wed a woman as well as their unique brother as an opponent if you find yourself she actually is alive, to uncover their unique nakedness.

The new Globally Variation &#8220&#8217Do maybe not take your partner&#8217s sibling as the a competition spouse and have sexual relations having her when you’re your wife was life style

Christian Basic Bible You aren’t to marry a woman as the a competitor to their unique sister and get sexual intercourse together with her during their unique sister’s lives.

Holman Christian Important Bible You aren’t to wed a woman since a rival to help you their unique sister and also sexual intercourse that have their through the their own brother&#8217s lifetime.&#8221

Western Standard Adaptation And you may thou shalt not get a partner so you’re able to their sibling, to-be a rival to help you their, to see their unique nakedness, in addition to the other within her lifestyle-go out.

Aramaic Bible in the Basic English And don’t just take a female with her sis and grieve their particular and you may establish her nakedness up on their own in her own existence.


Author: Team Hoppingo