Living in Singapore – we spend a lot of our time outdoors – especially when we have a balcony or little outdoor area in our apartment. Creating a welcoming and functional patio or porch doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some basic items you will want to invest in if you want to get the most out of your outdoor space. We’ve put together some tips and outdoor balcony essentials for you.

Tips to Set Up your Outdoor Space

  • The seating should be the main furniture element in your space. We recommend choosing something that is comfortable and practical. With the weather going from sunny to rainy so fast in Singapore – the quality of the furniture is key. We would highly recommend getting furniture that is made for the outdoors so that they are water and UV resistant.
  • Once your seating arrangement is done, you can focus on the fun part of decorating the balcony: the add-ons. Throw is some cushions. a matching rug, lots of plants, candles, wall-art. Choose items that will make it cozy and welcoming for you to hang out.
  • Create a space that is both perfect for reading a book in the afternoon; or even for a drink with friends


Outdoor Balcony Essentials by Hoppingo

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Do let us know what you think of our outdoor balcony set-up, do check out our article about our recommended online stores for outdoor furniture.


Author: Sashena Hassamal

Sashena (Sash) is a netflix-bing watcher and an avid traveler. She is always dreaming about her next beach holiday where she can sip a glass of rose by the beach. She is always interested in new discovering new products which she loves sharing with you all.