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One way to get rid of dead cells that could clog the skin is by using exfoliators as often as possible. They make the skin look fresh and healthy; erasing the effects of stress. Below are some exfoliator body shop reviews curated by Hoppingo.


  • Pore- cleansing exfoliator
  • Suitable for combination to oily skin

Exfoliator Body Shop Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Misha of  Make Up And Beauty said she had been using this exfoliator for three weeks and she’s loving the outcome. Also, she likes the product because it is a soap-free, gel-based cleanser with jojoba micro beads and has olive stone granules. It deep cleanses pores and removes dead cells while staying gentle on her sensitive-combination skin.

Belle stated on Makeup Alley that Body Shop exfoliator is perfect for her dry and sensitive skin. It is grainy without being too abrasive and it makes her skin soft after removing her dead cells.

Lindsay on Influenster said she loves this product because it helps to control her zits and sensitive skin. The pore-cleansing exfoliator also helps to clean out her pores, and leaves her skin feeling soft.



exfoliator body shop reviews

The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Exfoliator can be found on Lazada for $25.00

Common FAQs on Exfoliator Body Shop

  • How do you use Body Shop exfoliator?

Massage your skin with a portion of it in a circular motion.

  • Can you exfoliate your whole body?

Yes you can exfoliate your whole body but, you should do so sparingly.

  • How often should I exfoliate?

Experts would recommend exfoliating 2 to 3 times a week depending on your skin type.

Our Verdict

The exfoliator body Shop reviews reveal that this exfoliator is effective in ensuring a healthy skin that is free of dead skin cells.

For (+)

  • Pore- cleansing
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

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