If you have had a professional interview, worked at an office, or attended a corporate function, you will no doubt appreciate the importance of corporate and business dressing. 
Modern era business attires have become even more confusing than before, making striking a perfect balance between professionalism and style a tricky issue. 
Fortunately, we are willing to share with you our guide to 2019’s chic yet appropriate formal wear for women. From sophisticated single pieces to smart suits, our outfit ideas are designed to inspire you all week long and giving youa sneak peak into how-to put-on office wear for ladies.
What Is Business/Corporate Attire?
Business attire is the universal, formal dress code for corporate events and offices. It signifies a professional mode of dressing that looks smart and sophisticated. Men generally require suits. Women, however, can interpret business clothing in a variety of ways. While skirt suits and pantsuits are ideal, business dresses and polished separate pieces could also work well.
Business Formal Attire vs. Business Casual Attire
Business formal clothing and business casual clothing are significantly different. As such, it is important to know precisely which agenda you are dressing for and also how to do this appropriately.
Business casual clothes are somewhat laid back style of corporate wear. They are often called upon during “Casual Fridays” at conservative offices and also at more contemporary workplaces.
Business formal for business attire is usually more sophisticated and should be reserved for traditional office environments along with other professional occasions, like presentations and client meetings.
Business Formal Attire for Offices
When dressing formally for the office, comfort is essential as you’ll most likely be wearing those clothes throughout the day. Thus, pants are often an excellent selection since they are typically more suited for movement and sitting down than fitted skirts and dresses.
Moreover, if you have been at your job for a while, you should have a clearer picture of what usually works for you at your office. Therefore, you can inject some personality and style into your corporate wardrobe without having to worry about appearing underdressed.
How to Wear Business Attire for Women

Understand whether you are dressing business formal for business or business casual and what that implies before choosing your outfit.
Stick to neutral color palettes and only add other tones or prints when appropriate.
Rely on basic work-wear, such as shirts, suits, tailored pants, business dresses, and pencil skirts.
Always make sure that your outfit is tidy, clean, neatly ironed and free of any stains, tears or markings.
Ensure that your formal garments are the correct fit and appear professional.
Keep jewelry minimal, select a more structured handbag, and opt for a smart pair of closed-toe shoes.

In business, as in fashion, presentation is vital. Outfits that make you feel confident could be game-changing, especially at your workplace.
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Author: Team Hoppingo