Winners Of Cleo Clear Skin Awards 2019

Swati Gauba

Moisturizers, Fragrances, and Oils That Spark Different Kinds of Joy

Some call it the “Instagram effect”: Nowadays, the lure of most products comes from picture perfect packaging; this is especially true in the skincare industry.

However, beyond the attractive containers, high-end manufacturers are also adopting a no-expense-spared approach when it comes to formulating what is going into them to provide results which are truly worthy of post.

After all, there is no bigger bragging than foundation-free snapshots shared with the entire world, courtesy an awesome get-shit-done product.


Enter the Cleo Awards 2019

The decision to regularly hosting the Cleo Singapore beauty awards was born out pure love for everything makeup, skincare, and hair.

We decided to share this info with our esteemed readers, on another level - by celebrating those brands and products which are currently breaking the boundaries, smashing the stereotypes, and waging a war against archaic beauty standards, one fragrance at a time.

So, armed with our bare faces and brave hearts, we bring to you our favourites from the winners of Cleo Clear Skin Awards 2019, the biggest yearly beauty event in Singapore; where the Cleo Team celebrates their shared love for beauty.

And of course, all the winners on the night always leave with a sense of pride and achievement.


Get Your Shopping List Ready!

It is always exciting whenever the winners of Cleo Singapore Awards are revealed. 

We are more than delighted to provide you with these tested and trusted award winners for skincare which you can easily purchase right away, online.

Bright, glowing skin can boost your confidence and also allows smooth layering of makeup – and we are sharing our favorite selections for all skin types so you can quickly locate your perfect variety of beauty enhancers. From skincare and makeup to skin-loving supplements and revitalizing treatments, we’ve got everything covered.

Judges this year appeared more interested in ingredients capable of energizing your skin to ultimately enhancing your appearance.

Texture was also a recurring theme at the 2019 awards, showing the skincare industry’s increased attention to that “feel-good” characteristic of beauty. Powders, texturizers, and other emulsifiers were honored.

This year’s top beauty products will leave you crushing like crazy. You don’t have to worry any longer about your raging hormones – just follow a good skincare regimen with the ideal products, and you are ready to face anything.

We would like to appreciate every brand – small, or big, old and new – who participated and also many thanks are in order for our judges this year, who very generously gave their time, expertise, as well as honest input which was essential in identifying the winners out of a highly competitive entry list.






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