Maybelline Lipgloss – Vivid Hot Lacquer Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

Are you in need of a lipgloss brand that will give you a natural-looking lips? Maybelline is a brand many people trust and we have selected some reviews by beauty editors to let you know the product’s benefits.


  • Un-feathered gloss.
  • Provides lasting hydration.

Customer Reviews

Rosi on Amazon said the gloss is excellent! Full opaque coverage with only one swipe. It lasts a long time as well and isn’t sticky at all!

Kendra Dais thought the lipgloss was amazing! Its application and texture look like a gloss, but it dries out a little to enable along-lasting coverage. Also, it is so opaque that with one or two swipes you are done!

Erin said she found it after a makeup YouTube tutorial and used it. Maybelline Lipgloss is a pretty nude color, nicely pigmented, and very glossy. She said it would look great with a smokey dramatic eye.

Price of the Maybelline Lipgloss – Vivid Hot Lacquer 

lipgloss maybelline reviews

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Vivid Hot Lacquer Swatch

Vivid Hot Lacquer Maybelline Swatches


What is the best way to apply lipgloss?

You begin the application from the center of your upper lip and follow the contours of your mouth till you achieve full coverage.

Which is best between lipstick and lipgloss?

They are both good and essential. However, you decide on the one to use depending on the look you are want to achieve. Lipstick offers deeper color and so it is perfect for a polished look at the office or a playful look for girl’s night out. Lipgloss however, is a more subtle option compared to lipstick.

Can I use lipgloss without lipstick?

Yes, of course you can decide to use lipgloss alone.

Our Verdict

Lipgloss Maybelline is super simple to use and you can never go wrong with lipglossas you may do with lipstick. Also, you can either use the lipgloss alone or as a touch-up on your lipstick.

For (+)

  • This lipgloss is easy to apply
  • You can wear it comfortably for a long period of time
  • It gives your lips a good glossy appearance.


Against (-)

  • Consumers might consider the lipgloss too sticky and thick

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