Brand adoption with product trials – Product trials can work out to be one of the most efficient, targeted and data-driven marketing channels to scale any business.

No matter how many Instagram Influencers you rope in or facebook marketing dollars you spend, close to 40 percent of the purchase happens with personal experience.

With so many brands trying to reach out to the same consumer, there is confusion and trust deficit. To drive large-scale brand adoption, brands have to build that personal connection and enable the consumer to directly have a product experience.

This is why sampling is one of the most important marketing investments. Large FMCG brands have educated consumers about sampling and this has led to a behavioral change over the years where the consumers now expect to try the product before they make a purchase.

Today, the biggest issue for any brand is the first trial. You can increase brand awareness by running ads, roping influencers but it’s getting increasingly difficult for brands to get consumers to take an action especially if you are up against trusted brands and products in your category.

In fact, product trials are an important activity for minimizing the cost of failure too because they can tell you whether a product will work or not. There is no guesswork involved. It’s all data-driven.

Customer perception is also important to determine the kind of image a brand wants to build. If you are willing to let the consumers try your product, they will obviously perceive your brand to be high quality.


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