Unique Bag from Mango

I love versatile, neutral bags as much as any other woman, but in recent times, I’ve been slowly gravitating toward more whimsical styles.
The result? Frequent stares, questions, and compliments from strangers and friends alike. This hunt for a unique bag got me to this bag.

With work from home becoming a way of life our search for a handbag to toss all our stuff inside became more frantic.
While compliments are awesome, what I love most about carrying around a quirky handbag is not feeling the need to show up wearing an exciting outfit.
Also worthy of note, is the fact that such unique novelty handbags don’t require a designer label, or a hefty price tag attached to it to be cool.
Quirky bags are also very Instagrammable, which you are about to witness proof of.

Case in point: our “it bag” for summer is a creative mixture of bamboo and tassels from Mango which costs $107 (at the time of publishing this blog).  This bag originally cost S$129

Unique Bag Singapore This Unique Bag from Mango Is Hoppingo's Pick 1

So, if you are looking for a new, carry around handbag? Look no further.

Instead of opting for classic designer options, you should consider investing in this chic, logo-free, unique bag. Novelty bags have always been in the market, and this one is Eye-catching and quite LOL-worthy. This gimmicky handbag is fun to carry around and will give most outfits a positive spin.
This beach bag by Mango is our top selection for the approaching season.

Its interwoven bamboo bag pattern with tassels makes it a quirky option you must flaunt at your next beach outing or even a casual day or night out with friends
We’d love to hear what you think of the bag we are currently crushing on.

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Author: Swati Gauba

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