Never Loose Your Belongings Again with Tile Slim

If you’ve been forgetful about your belongings much like me then you will find this device to be a savior. Tile Slim Singapore is a device that will take away all your worries of loosing valuables.

Tile Slim is a sleek solution that can easily fit in your purse or pocket. The device works with a mobile app. Both Android and iOS users can download the app and sync the device with mobile app.

With Christmas round the corner, you could even consider gifting this to your closed ones. Yes, this can only be gifted to someone you know well. Maybe a colleague or a friend who is often spotted loosing their personal belongings.

Tile slim can find your belongings for as far as 200 feet distance. It rings loudly and has a pretty good battery life of 3 years.

Tile adhesives that can be bought separately and can be stuck to your belongings like keys, notebook, ipad or anything else.

You could also subscribe to Premium Tile Slim Singapore.

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Tile Slim

Some other key features of Tile Slim are:

1. Long-life

Time Slim has a very good battery life of upto 3 years.

2. Discreet

It’s very convenient to carry the device. It easily fits into your wallet or pocket.

3. Thin

It’s one of the most sleekest device. Just the thickness of 2 credit cards that can easily slip into your wallet.

4. Waterproof

Don’t worry about water spilling over this device, it’s waterproof.


Q- What is time slim?

Ans – Time slim is a device that helps you keep your personal belonging safe. It tracks your belonging if you are unable to locate it, which happens so often with a lot of us.

Q- How does time slim work?

Ans – Attach tile to all the belongings that you wish to track. Use the mobile app to make your device ring when you are unable to locate the belonging.

Q- Does time slim fit in wallet?

Ans – This device can easily fit in your wallet. It’s very sleek and the size of a credit card which means there is absolutely no difficulty in putting this device in your wallet.

Q- What is the range of time slim?

Ans – This device works very well within a range of 200 feet.

Q- Does Tile Slim need wifi?

Ans – You do not need any kind of network connection (cell data or WiFi) in order to: Ring your Tile, using Bluetooth only.

Q- Is Tile Slim worth they money?

Ans – Our Verdict. The Tile Pro is the best key tracker you get. with great range and a loud alarm. The range on the Tile Mate isn’t as extensive, but at $10 off the Pro’s price, it’s a good value.

Some reviews on Amazon

“Works fine, but the button can be a bit sensitive at times.” – Jacob Ong

“Great buy” – Faizal

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