Teacher Appreciation Day 2019 is almost here: it comes up on Saturday 31st of August here in Singapore, and it would be an excellent opportunity to say a heartfelt “thank you”, “terima kasih”, or perhaps “xiexie” to those wonderful teachers who impacted positively your child’s learning.
No matter the language we use to express ourselves, some form of gratitude definitely must be showcased through actions too.
After all, these are amazing real life superhero-type individuals who help to shape our children into human beings we can be proud of. Every Day.
There is still time (not much though) for you to shop for an appropriate gift for teachers day which your kid’s teachers will actually appreciate and use.
However, deciding on the right gift for teachers can turn out to be a toughie.
Some teachers prefer gifts that are useful in the classroom and others don’t. Some appreciate a bottle of wine; some do not. One thing is certain: almost by default, they all have lots of coffee mugs.
The key to selecting the perfect gifts for teacher’s day is knowing what that teacher likes and dislikes.
Find out things your teacher needs or wants but simply will not buy for themselves; then you are truly on your way to presenting them with the perfect gift.
This gift guide for teacher’s day 2019 has a mixture of everything.
Teacher Day Gift Ideas
Your teacher probably receives many gift items during their teaching years, but there will be just a few they will keep forever or which will remind them constantly of one particular student.
So to have an idea of what type of Teacher’s Day gifts they like receiving, and which traditional teacher appreciation gifts you should probably skip, we consulted with the teachers themselves.
Among other things, most teachers responded that while coffee is great, they really aren’t crazy about mugs and pens.
Wine and gift items for manicures and massages are among the popular gifts for Teachers Day too, although knowing the recipient’s personal tastes will ensure that such gifts will be hits.
If you want to buy the perfect teacher’s day gift that expresses your level of appreciation to them, and also leaves them with a lasting impression, consider these guidelines:
Choose Something That Teacher Loves – If you’re able to discover exactly what their favorite cookies, chocolates or other edible treats are, you can purchase such items on teacher appreciation day, and also at any other time you want to say “Thank you!” In the future, such a teacher will likely associate that gift item with you.
Offer Them Something That Will Last – If your teacher likes gardening buy him/her some tools or some plants. They will enjoy remembering you while they groom their special garden. Books, CDs, DVDs and inexpensive jewelry are all great options.
Find Something Unique And Creative – Bring them unique gifts which they can cherish for a long time like cufflinks, brooches, necklaces and other cute accessories. Clever novelty items like pens are also fun to place on their desk.
Each teacher has his/her own personal likes and dislikes; hence it is essential to select your gifts carefully.
However, there are also some items you should probably not purchase for a teacher.

Coffee Mugs – Unless of course your teacher collects them intentionally, you might want to stay away from offering a coffee mug since teachers seem to attract them frequently and usually have more than enough.


Pets – An animal will require care and attention. Additionally, most people prefer to choose their pets by themselves. Only when your teacher expresses the desire for a specific breed, will such gift work; perhaps as a collective gift from the entire class. But, in most cases, a live pet will not make for a great gift for Teachers Day.


Labor Intensive Gifts – Teachers are usually very busy people, so you must avoid plants that will demand lots of attention or any other item that will require tremendous amounts of care. A hundred daffodils are certainly an excellent addition to any garden. But, if your teacher does not have a green thumb, such plants will never take root. The same applies to fresh fruits, bushels or zucchini. Check first to discover if your teacher prefers preserving or canning before presenting them with lavish amounts fruit, or farm produce.

Teachers are hard working people and a thoughtful gift item which tells them that you appreciate all that they are doing will certainly go a long way.
Although teachers love to be celebrated on Teachers’ Day, a spontaneous present given at anytime will provide a welcome surprise.
Often times these teachers may require a boost.
For instance, maybe they recently recovered from sickness or you are aware they had a large workload of papers to grade. During such times, knowing that their student appreciates them will make a real difference and generate a lasting memory.
Browse and shop any of our curated teacher’s Day gift items to let that teacher know they are constantly in your thoughts.


Author: Team Hoppingo