Targeted Product Sampling

Targeted product sampling programs have long been a popular method to increase product trials and repurchase cycles. It leads to brand loyalty and the method is adopted by many top businesses. It’s a hands-on, engaging experience that keeps customers interested and adds value to their buying experience. 

Targeted product sampling is a purposeful, systematic method to target a specific consumer base with your new product. Sending selected customers sample products for free to test how your product is working is the best way to soft launch any product. Young brands are unfamiliar with these types of sampling campaigns and run into numerous problems while executing the targeted product sampling program.

Don’t worry, we’ve put up a guide to assist your business. Check out how you can run a targeted product sampling program that can influence consumer behavior and purchase decisions.

How do businesses make a targeted product sampling program successful?

We help brands and retailers use targeted product sampling programs to increase product reviews for both new and existing products. 

Not only can you increase brand loyalty, but you can also gain valuable product feedback and user-generated content (UGC) before the launch by implementing a targeted product sampling campaign. you can also start driving traffic to your e-commerce site, generate social buzz, and increase revenue – all before your products even hits the market.

  • Five steps to planning and executing a successful targeted product sampling campaign:
  • Set Up The Goals
  • Target Audience Is A Must
  • Pick The Right Medium
  • Right Time
  • Follow Up
  • Set up the goals: – Identifying your goals should be the first step in getting the most value out of a campaign; it will help your product launch go more smoothly. What do we hope to achieve by testing our products before they go on sale?
    Do we want to promote awareness, encourage individuals to convert, or do both at the same time??
    You should be able to have an answer to these questions and many others related to the
    targeted product sampling program.Your objective will determine the type of sampling campaign you should execute and how much time you should allocate for it in your launch plan.
  • Target audience is a must: – As the term implies, you must identify your target audience. You don’t want just any customer to receive your products. If you only send it to the target demographic, you’ll get more engagement. This is a one-of-a-kind way to get your product in front of a group of open-minded people who want to give you honest feedback.Businesses executeTargeted Product sampling programs in the hope that after receiving and tasting the product, the consumer would leave an unbiased, genuine product review or make a social media post and later make a repeat purchase. All these are very valuable metrics for a product sampling campaign.


  • Pick the right medium: – This is very critical. You don’t want to be seen as a freebie brand because this may hurt your brand perception. Hence choosing the right platform for your product trials is pivotal. Lot of brands for the lack of creativity run giveaway programs through influencers by running a contest.
    However, there could be many other creative ways to run product trials


  • Right time: – A common misunderstanding is that you must wait until a product is online on your site before starting a sampling campaign. That isn’t the case at all. Instead, execute these efforts before the product launches to ensure many positive reviews. On average, targeted product sampling programs last six to eight weeks, with reviews beginning to appear around the third week.

    Prior to the product’s launch, it’s a good idea to do a sampling campaign. This provides you time to gather all the reviews, syndicate them, and address any product issues that have been raised in the reviews.


  • Follow up: – This might not be the last step of a targeted product sampling program but it is one of the important steps. Once recipients have received their samples, send them an email urging them to write a product review on social media. Also, don’t make people log into a portal to post a review; make it simple for them to do so.Instead, provide a direct link to the Write a Review form in the collect email you send.  Then, to increase collection rates, send a series of follow-up emails that even includes an option to make a purchase.

We help brands run such campaigns end to end while giving them very powerful insights. We bring in huge cost efficiencies in the process. Which the brand may not be able to bring in with a single product trial campaign reach out to us to know more about any sampling program like  Consumer Sampling Programs


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