Gift for 8 Year Old – Best Games On Amazon Singapore

Best Games On Amazon Singapore – Gift For 8 Year Old

My two young boys (8 and 4 years old) are always pestering us to buy new toys for every special occasion. Believe me when I say this, it is exhausting to find toys that are fun and educational. Listed below are some of the games/toys an 8-year-old child would love as a gift.

So, if you are looking to buy a gift for an 8-year-old, this list will certainly help you.


  1. Rummikub

 This is hands down my son’s favorite game. We all come together on Weekends or holidays and play this game for hours together. Each player gets 14 tiles. The basic goal is to get rid of all your tiles by making sets of either 3 or more sequential series of the same color (123, or 345678) or place 3-4 tiles of the same number but different color (3333). You can also manipulate the existing sets on the table placed by other players. The game helps kids develop patience, lateral thinking and engages the whole family.


  1. Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle

At my son’s school, one of the units of work was on Human Body and that piqued his interest. These are miniature models, but the parts are quite realistically detailed. With these models your kid would be able to learn more about the heart, brain, skeleton and the human body. The models can be purchased individually or in a bundle. Each set comes with a display stand, assembly instructions, information about the parts and their functions.

Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set

  1. No Stress Chess Game

With this NO Stress Chess, my son was able to play and learn chess in a very short time. The game comes with a two-sided game board, deck of 56 action cards, and chess pieces. With this two-sided game board, one side is for beginners and shows where to place the pieces to start the game, and the other side is the standard chess board. With the action cards, each card shows a chess piece and its move. The player must move that piece when its’ their turn.

Winning Moves No Stress Chess


  1. Jenga

This was a blessing during the circuit breaker and I really enjoyed playing this game for hours. It is a simple game of stacking blocks and players take turns removing the block pieces one by one and placing them on top until the whole block comes crashing down.

Jenga Game Wooden Blocks

  1. Last Defense! Board Game

This board game challenges all players to work with each other to save the fate of the world. Players are the inhabitants of a city trying to defend themselves against inhuman threats such as sentient plants or aliens. They must save scientists by collecting various tools, but they are in a race against the clock as this is a time-based game and each round takes around 20 minutes or less.

Funko Last Defense! Board Game

  1. PlayMonster Snap Ships Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship

Snap Ships is a building toy that uses interchangeable parts to build different spacecraft. The game is quite adaptable for making multiple versions. All parts are interchangeable so kids can explore and build to their heart’s content for hours on end.

PlayMonster Snap Ships Scythe AV-19 Tank

  1. Hoover Soccer Balls

This was a birthday present for my son and is suitable for indoors or any smooth surface. This is especially designed for kids, who love to play soccer at home, but are always scared of what might be the next thing they will break. With soft rubber bumpers and air cushions there is no worry about getting hurt or breaking things.

Hover Soccer Ball Set of 2

  1. Mad Moves Game

I recently came across this game that was a big party hit at a friend’s house. Kids of all ages can enjoy this game. As the game cover says, “Dance like you have never danced before,” for instance ballet like a T-Rex or tap dance like a cheerleader. It is a perfect game for three or more people, which makes it ideal for whole family.

Mad Moves

  1. Monopoly Classic Game

I wanted to introduce my son to the original Monopoly game, and I love playing this board game with him. The quality of the game pieces is quite nice. The whole set includes a traditional bi-fold game board, full size money tray, houses and hotels, tokens, cards, deeds, and money.

Monopoly Board Game The Classic Edition

  1. UNO

During the circuit breaker, I explored yet another old-time favorite game of UNO. It is a race to finish all your cards ahead of the other players, with the last card always placed on top of the pile. When you have the last card, do not forget to shout UNO otherwise you will get an extra card. This set comes in a tin box, so it’s easy to store and makes a great travel game.

UNO Card Game Tin

These are the games you can gift 8 year old to improve their cognitive health. I love to find such toy gifts that are thoughtful, useful, and vetted. If you have a suggestion that your 8-year-old will love, then please do comment, and share the love of toys.

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