Top 5 supplements for Hormonal Balance, recommended by Teresa from Balanced Nutrition Lab

We’ve put together the top 5 supplements for you to take for hormonal balance.

We all know how dreadful it is that time of the month… Headaches, brain fog, breast tenderness, mood swings, acne, bloating and tummy pain. We have believed that those are “normal” symptoms and that we have to endure them every month. What if I told you it is not the case. These symptoms are “not normal” and you don’t have to endure the pain and discomfort. The reason for these symptoms are usually a hormonal imbalance. Symptoms are often the result of too much or too little hormones.

The good news is that you can decrease the severity of your symptoms. There are some changes you can make from diet, lifestyle and supplements.

Supplements can be a starter point. The quality and the type of supplement is crucial if you want to see improvements in the short term. These are the top 5 supplements for hormonal balance,  I believe every woman should take to improve the quality of their cycles and reduce the dreadful symptoms.




Magnesium is a muscle relaxer and will help tremendously if you suffer from tummy pain. If you have symptoms like bloating, fluid retention, headaches and tenderness in your breasts, you might also benefit from taking about 360 mg of magnesium a day.




Women that have taken 2 grams of EFA’s had significantly improved PMS symptoms after 3 months of treatments, and again 6 months later. They also didn’t appear to have any major side effects related to taking the supplement.





Taking 40 mg leaf extract tablets three times a day for several days during your menstrual cycles can significantly reduce symptoms.




If you suffer from breast tenderness, feelings of depression, irritability, and swelling and bloating from fluid retention you will definitely benefit from taking this supplement. Take it for at least 4 months before you assess if it helps or not.




This Is probably one of the most used supplements for female reproductive health. It can be particularly helpful for physical symptoms, including bloating, breast pain, and headaches.



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Author: Teresa Pena Ontiveros

Teresa is a holistic and culinary nutritionist at Balanced Nutrition Lab. She specialises in gut and hormonal health. She is passionate about cooking and ensures her meal plans include recipes that are nutritious and delicious. For recipes, meal plans or nutritional advice visit