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The idea of whether Online Grocery Shopping Singapore is fun is a subjective one because many people, including women, consider shopping worse than removing a tooth at the dentist. Grocery shopping can be even more daunting and messy compared to you doing something as easy as picking up a Hermes bag in a well-coordinated bag section of the brand’s store.

As much as physical grocery shops have well-organized sections for different items, it can still be confusing to locate the items you need within the time you’ve allocated for shopping and so, online shopping has become the other best alternative for shopping for your everyday needs. Thanks to the pandemic, we all have mastered the art of online grocery shopping, the world over. Do you wish to save time, energy, and even cost while grocery shopping? Are you wondering which online grocery shopping is the best? Check out our 60 selections of online grocery shops for the best online grocery shopping in Singapore. Yes, this is the widest selection of Online Grocery Shopping in Singapore

If there is an online grocery store that we have not listed, please write to us at as we will keep updating this list. The list is not in order of preference.

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1.      Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery procures an extensive range of the highest quality offerings – from seasonal produce and meat to exclusive dry goods. They are a  boutique Grocer and Butcher that caters to the discerning foodie with exquisite tastes or special dietary requirements. They believe in quality foods that provide healthy options for all dietary needs and are committed to bringing the highest quality products to your plate. Currently, they have two outlets- one tucked away in the residential area of Binjai Park and another more central outlet, Great World. Their online store is very comprehensive and they have free delivery for orders above $120. You can also purchase some of their products on Deliveroo.

2.      FairPrice Online

FairPrice has launched a Fast and Fresh service that provides you with the freshest groceries delivered to you. The process is simple: input your postal code on the FairPrice website and app to check if FairPrice’s Fast & Fresh service is available in your area, then select the option to use the service. Shop as you normally would, pay for your purchase, and get your fresh groceries delivered to you in as quickly as two hours! There is no product price difference whether you shop in the stores or online, so you know you’re getting the same great value no matter where you shop. Shop over $79 to get free delivery.

Fairprice Online Grocery App in Singapore

3.      Market Fresh

MarketFresh is an online wet market. They think of themselves as a new generation of wet market stall owners, bringing  Singapore’s fresh & best value wet market groceries online for the user’s convenience and hassle-free shopping. In order to bring you the freshest ingredients, they operate just like the wet market! They are up bright and early, prepare all orders for the day on the morning itself. Orders are then kept fresh in a chilled environment during delivery. This is to ensure your order gets to you on the same day, fresh! Free delivery is available for orders of $68 and above.

Market Fresh Wet Market Grocery Online in Singapore

4.      Sasha’s Fine Food

Fresh food has different interpretations to different people but Sasha’s Fine Food gives you a whole and undiluted definition of fresh food. Founder Sasha Conlon has personally vetted and shared her vision of providing customers with clean and pure food. Free delivery is provided for all orders above $100.

5.      Shiok Farm

Shiok Farm has the best range of widely sourced fresh vegetables and fruits from different parts of Asia. ShiokFarm is a community linking organic farmers in the region directly with food lovers in Singapore. Every day, our members make a difference by supporting organic farmers and reducing the carbon footprint of the food they consume. All without compromising on quality and taste. You can purchase a one-off bag with fruits and vegetables for the week or choose to subscribe to a weekly plan starting at $60/week for 3.5kgs of goodies. Their bags contain roughly 60% vegetables and 40% fruits. Most of what they contain comes from Malaysia or Thailand, and occasionally from Australia. They also have a large selection of certified biodynamic and organic wines from all over the world. You can also opt for monthly subscription boxes. Note that organic wines and biodynamic wines have much fewer sulfites and other chemicals than traditional wines. This means much fewer headaches the next day!

Shiok Farm Grocery Online in Singapore


6.      Taste Gourmet Market

Taste Gourmet Market brings to you a complete food experience to offer the opportunity for foodies to understand what comprises a genuinely good meal. They source fresh and good quality products and also guide you on how to do the produce justice. Everyone loves a good meal in Singapore and a good meal starts from that fresh, crisp vegetable to that skilfully aged beef from Singapore butchers to the passionate work of experts who creates that tasty good meal. They have free delivery on orders over $100 – you can also prebook or schedule a delivery a few days in advance.

7.      Classic Deli

Classic Fine Foods is an ingredient supplier for some of the best restaurants and hotels in Singapore.  Their passion is quality products and our customers are chefs of the highest caliber. Classic Deli, a brainchild of Classic Fine Foods, was created during the lockdown as they decided to make their products available to consumers online. Have you been hoping to try out some of the classic dishes on cooking shows you’ve been binge-watching but in doubt of where to get the right ingredients?  Classic Deli got you covered. From the infamous fois gras to a bunch of other delicious desserts such as chocolate-stuffed delicacies, you’ll get their ingredients on Classic Deli. They offer next-day free delivery for orders placed before 4.30 pm and with a minimum of $100 spent.

8.      Redmart

Redmart would be considered the most comprehensive online grocery shop. It has a huge huge selection of household essentials, groceries, and personal care products, plus flexible delivery time slots, you can forget about hitting up supermarkets and stick to online grocery shopping. They have a minimum spend of $60 for free delivery.

9.      Amazon Fresh (previously known as Amazon Prime Now)

AmazonFresh recently launched in Singapore provides delivery within a 2-hour window – it has a wide array of grocery items and other household needs.

10. The Source

The Source prides itself on being a real food advocate and promoting conscious consumption.  All their products do away with packaging to deliver aisles brimming with bulk whole foods, healthy snacks, and organic goodies. You can visit their stores at Raffles Place, Cluny Court, or even Great World City or order your products online.

Source Shop Grocery Online in Singapore

11. Open Taste

Open Taste is an innovative online marketplace for fresh food. It has built an effective perishable produce logistics service, gathering products from over 200 farms and food manufacturers across 6 countries, and growing. The company prides itself on delivering these products in the shortest possible time from farm to consumer, and at prices that are incredibly low. This unique online platform acts as a global farmer’s market, connecting consumers with farmers and food makers. At the click of a button, consumers can now buy farm-fresh produce, dairy, meat, seafood, and pantry items directly from global sources at wholesale prices and have them delivered within 36 hours.

12. PandaMart 

FoodPanda is one of the most trusted online apps for food delivery. But did you know that they can deliver groceries too? They have their own online shop, and it’s the fastest way to get everything you need, delivered. Pandamart stores a massive selection of everyone’s favorite brands, from Nestle to Colgate, from shampoo and cosmetics to snacks and fresh produce, ready to deliver in just 20 minutes. There’s no middle man, meaning the riders are always ready and waiting to deliver your shopping.

13. Grab Mart

Grab Mart makes shopping from local stores easier – they have a few stores listed on the app and you can choose to buy your groceries from there.

14. So France

So France has the largest range of french products -more than 500 artisanal French products and homemade, ready-to-cook meals are available on our e-shop.

15. Avo & Co

Avo & Co is a forward-thinking store that offers specially-sourced vegetables, region-specific meat, and probiotic poultry that meets the needs of people with specific healthy tastes. If you consider yourself a creative consumer, this online store is the right choice for you.

16. Dei

Dei is a retail store that sells diverse items including canned products, fresh produce such as seafood, vegetables, fruits, wines, among other things. They also have other items for the entire family, so, no one is left behind.

17. Cold Storage

As the first supermarket to launch a mobile app, Cold Storage set the precedence for other online grocery stores and so, you are sure to get all your groceries from one store.

18. The Fishwives

The Fishwives pride themselves on providing chemical-free poultry and food items that are meet the standard of the consumers. You also get free delivery on items above S$180.

19. QB Food

QB Food partners with prestigious brands such as Granarolo Italian Cheese to bring you different kinds of cheeses and they stock up on fresh produce from brands like Johnsonville Sausages as well.

20. Queerbeets

Supplements and whole-meal lovers, get in here! Queerbeets has everything you need to maintain a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. From porridge to soups and delish biscuits, you can’t say no to this store.

21. Little Farms

The uniqueness Little Farms brings into the online grocery shopping in Singapore is that they source and buy their produce directly from local farmers and so, the products are relatively cheap and definitely organic.

22. Huber’s Butchery

Not in the mood to go through the long process of preparing a gourmet of meat and steak by yourself?  Huber’s Butchery is one of the most sought-after stores with already prepped products you just stick in the oven or cook on your grill.

23. Best Organic Food

The name alone gives away the idea of what kind of items this store stocks. Get fresh organic foods such as vegetables and fruits at the best prices at Best Organic Food.

24. MoguShop

Japan is in Singapore through MoguShop! Get all kinds of premium Japanese ingredients such as sake, hamachi,  sashimi-grade salmon, and tuna to prepare your favorite Japanese dish.

25. Foodsterr

Foodsterr does not only have a variety of carefully sourced produce, but they also have them at great prices and discounts. You get 5% when you join their mailing list and free delivery on products if S$50 and above.

26. Purely Fresh

Purely Fresh collaborates with farmers to give their customers only fresh produce and if you feel dissatisfied with your purchase, you get a refund of your money. Talk about a trustworthy brand!

27. Grammi

For the best Italian-Mediterranean ingredients and cooked dishes, Grammi is your best pick. Their items are reasonably priced and responsibly sourced from the best places.

28. Straits Market

If you love your cooking ingredients to come straight from harvests, Straits Market is your grocery store for that. They deliver just-from-the-farm produce within the shortest possible time.

29. Portopantry

Portopantry is the home of Halal-certified items and so, if you are a Muslim looking for the kinds of food that suit your lifestyle and taste, visit Portopantry now.

30. Super Nature

The hub of vegetarians and organic food lovers, Super Nature has awesome options for organic, gluten-free, wheat-free, and hard-to-find vegetables such as kale.

31. Blu Kouzina Mart

From baking essentials to fresh produce and quick healthy snacks, Blu Kouzina has all you food types you need to fill your belly and keep and your family healthy.

32. The New Grocer

The New Grocer is not exactly a new kid on the block in terms of supplying quality grocery items but, even if they were, they sure know their stuff. For a variety of Breakfast dish options, fresh dairy, and seafood, visit their store.

33. Giant

Giant store has a wide selection of food items, kitchen appliances, and family necessities that you need to fill your pantry. They also have fantastic discounts you can’t say no to when you shop in their store.

34. Kindness Mart

Kindness Mart has a horde of daily essentials every family needs to stock up on. Their discount on every S$50 purchase, quick online payment options, and fast delivery are also great incentives for shopping on their site.

35. Nourish

The name ‘Nourish suggests good health, good life and that is what this grocery store delivers. They have a range of superfoods, organically sourced dairy products, drinks and alcohol, and more.

36. Grocery Owl

You need not put yourself through the stress of searching through different stores to get the food items you need when you can just get all you need on Grocery Owl.

37. Farmer’s Market

What does one hope to get from the Farmer’s Market if not fresh and organically grown produce such as vegetables, fruits, and dairy? Shopping for the best products is made easier with the Farmer’s Market online store.

38. Tada Fresh

Tada Fresh is hailed as the largest wet market in Singapore, and for good reason too! Besides the clean and fresh produce they have, they also offer free delivery of products to people on the Island and for purchases of S$50 and above.

39. Shopping Houze

No one visits Shopping Houze and doubt why they have such a name in the first place. Get all your food ingredients, rare spices, condiments, and kitchen items at affordable rates on Shopping Houze.

40. Purely Fresh

Purely Fresh provides customers with the best seafood selections, ingredients for Yong Tao Foo dishes, fresh fruits, and various rare fruits and vegetables.

41. All for You by Sheng Shiong

All For You focuses on convenience for their customers and supplying them with the freshest and safest food items. From packaged carton products to handpicked items, All For You has a lot to offer.

42. Eamart

Eamart is a supermarket that offers but is not limited to, grocery items. Some of the other sections they have to include health and supplements, wine and spirits, and even stationary.

43. The Meatary

As the name suggests,  The Meatary is a butcher store that supplies the choicest meat types. What’s more? It’s Halal-certified for all Muslim brethren.

44. The African Market Place

The African Market Place is a South African-owned store in Singapore that offers varieties of items including, exotic wines, African arts & crafts, everyday grocery items, meats among other things.

45. The Alaska Guys

For the best of Alaskan food, especially seafood and meat, The Alaskan Guys is the store you should shop from. From Halibuts to Scallops and Prawns, the best seafood options live here.

46. The German Market Place

The German Market Place is the foremost German store in Singapore that stocks the very best of Dutch foods, frozen foods, tasty German spreads, syrups, and more.

47. The Green Circle

The Green Circle‘s top priority is your health and so they ensure that they get food items from organic sources they trust so that your satisfaction may be guaranteed.

48. The Good Food People

The Good Food People will shop for healthy food ingredients. If you are tired of buying from stores with limp veggies and unverified sources, shop from The Good Food People store.

49. Le Petit Depot

Le Petit Depot is mainly known to carry all things French; various healthy French Yoghurt brands and flavors, pizza, tasty fois gras, fruits and vegetables, and a host of other delicacies. They also carry reputed French brands such as Carrefour or Casino. However, being based out of Singapore, they also store a wide variety of local products that you would require for your day-to-day. They also cater to household and home goods.

Le Petit Depot Grocery Online in Singapore

50. The Meat Up

The Meat Up promises only the best meat selections that will make every meal delicious and satisfying. They also offer custom cuts to relieve you of the stress of cutting all that meat yourself.

51. Optimo Foods

Optimo Foods has a great selection of snacks, bread spreads, and baby foods. Get each day started with nutritious and tasty breakfast options from Optimo Foods.

52. Meat Co

Meat Co is an online Singapore butcher store with varieties of sell-outs meant from trusted sources. For the highest quality pork, beef, chicken, and other poultry stock visit Meat Co.

53. La Mexicana

La Mexicana is your go-to for anything Mexican – be it your tortillas, chips, jalapeno peppers, or Chile de Arbol. Their store is located in Chijmes but also has an online store that offers free delivery within a day for orders above $100. If you love #tacotuesdays, this should definitely be part of your go-to places for your groceries. They also have a few fresh produce such as tomatoes, chiles, and avocados, and ready-made products. Their ready-made range ranges from dips to taco fillings.

La Mexicana Grocery Online in Singapore

54. Redman

The Redman Shop is an online e-commerce initiative by Phoon Huat Pte – an institution in Singapore for all bakers. It is a one-of-a-kind store focusing mainly on ingredients and tools for avid bakers and patisserie professionals.

Redman Grocery Online in Singapore

55. Sg Organic

SG Organic – An online organic food and beverage store, delivering fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, milk, groceries. At SG Organic, the products offered are air-flown from Australia and reach the packing warehouse within 2-3 days of being picked off the tree or pulled from the ground.

56. Tangerine

Do not be mislead by the name, Tangerine is a store that sells a variety of fruits and vegetables; all freshly plucked or harvested from a chemical-free source. Free delivery is provided for orders of $99 and above. They are also well known for their office packages. If you want to order a variety of fruits for your colleagues and you to nibble on during the day – you are looking at the right store. C

57. Zenxin Organic

Zenxin is an organic store that offers organic fruits, poultry, cooking essentials, fresh produce, frozen foods, and more. You also have the option of customizing a box at an affordable price. They are also well known for their healthy and different noodle options such as beetroot noodles, charcoal meesua.

Zenxin Organic Grocery Online in Singapore


58. Bootle’s 

Bootle’s, a recently opened, fresh market in the midst of Tiong Bahru offers the freshest produce. Their motto is to do right by their customer, their supplier, and our planet.
They are very meticulous in selecting the products that they bring to their customers as well as the provenance of their products. Food is not only a nourisher for our bodies but a conduit for us to build healthy communities and ecosystems. Our wish is to help you build a real connection to what you are eating.


Bootles Grocery Online in Singapore

59. The Meat Club

Join The Meat Club – an online butchery, founded to connect customers with fresh, premium quality proteins, sourced from Australia. Through a unique on-demand supply chain model, the products are procured directly from trusted suppliers, vacuum packed and airfreighted to Singapore, then delivered to the member’s doors. They pride themselves on being sustainable as the orders are placed as and when needed. You can choose to do a single purchase or subscribe to an ‘auto-pilot subscription

60. Brown Rice Paradise

Brown Rice Paradise, established in 1994, is one of Singapore’s premier specialty retailers of natural and organic products. They have a wide selection of items from healthy snacks and breakfast cereal, to household and personal care products. You can order your products online or visit their store in Tanglin Mall. They also offer a membership plan which allows members to get 10% off all purchases; as well as an account to access their Members exclusive online store where you can order from a wide selection of natural and organic products for Pre-Orders and customized Same Day Collection or Home Delivery on selected products.

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