Kerastase Bain Fluidiste Shampoo Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

Is your hair unmanageable and uncontrollable? Do you have a superior frizz that needs rejuvenation to its natural touch? Try out the Kerastase shampoo, it is an anti-frizz shampoo and is known to soften and smoothen tough hair. Below are some Shampoo Kerastase Reviews curated by beauty editors.


  • The Kerastase shampoo is an anti-frizz shampoo.
  • It helps smoother hair edges and ends.
  • Restores the hair fiber and real touch.
  • Easy to use and wash off.

Reviews By 3 Top Influencers And Beauty Websites

Anna reviewed that the shampoo helped restore her frizzy hair into a soft and beautiful hair. She said it keeps her hair frizz-free and  smells as great as it will if she went to the salon to wash her hair. She also mentioned that a little drop works up lather and leaves the hair clean and fresh.

Shelly gushed about how Kerastase is on a next level kind of amazing. She said many people might consider the price a turn off, but that the value you get from each pump is worth it. According to Shelly, the shampoo will last her nearly 6 months rather than the occasional repurchase she does every 6 weeks. In addition to providing a great price at maximum value, the shampoo is amazing for frizzy, dry hair, and notoriously sensitive scalps.

Aparajita said the great thing about this mildly fragranced shampoo is that it contains botanical extracts that washes the scalp and removes impurities gently without leaving the scalp or hair dry. It also helps to prevent irritation that may arise due to excessive removal of moisture from the scalp.


shampoo kerastase reviews

The Kerastase Shampoo is available for at $42 on Sephora.

Common FAQs on Kerastase Shampoo reviews

  • How do I apply on hair?

Apply the shampoo on wet hair, ensure you begin from the root, and work it up throughout the hair. Then massage thoroughly on the hair and rinse off.

  • Does it work on tough and which hair?

Yes, it is specially made for frizzy hair types. It smoothens the hair.

  • Does it dye the hair?

No, it has no dyeing element. It only helps wash the hair and revitalize it to its fine and natural touch.

Our Verdict

The Kerastase shampoo is effective on frizzy hair and, helps loose ends by restoring it to its real texture. We highly recommend it.

For (+)

  • It is especially suitable for dry and thick hair.
  • Rejuvenates the hair to its real texture and look.

Against (-)

  • Not suitable for all hair types.

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