Productivity flourishes in environments where creative thoughts bloom, distractions are minimized, and healthy atmospheres invigorate us. As more and more people are working full time – it is important for us to optimize our workspace. We have put together some tips and essential elements needed for setting up your own home office.


Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

  • You should focus on incorporating you own style. Making design decisions about your workspace improves productivity, as well as health and happiness.
  • Position your desk according to the principles of Feng Shui to allow a better flow of energy throughout the day. According to Feng Shui practitioners, it’s important to place your desk in a “commanding position.” This position requires that your back does not face the door and that your desk isn’t near the door. The best position is diagonal to the room’s entrance with you facing the door.
  • Add some green elements to your office – you can choose to have plants or even some flowers
  • Lighting is a must – you can opt for natural lighting throughout the day and the use of a good desk lamp for your late night calls
  • Incorporate a standing desk – yes it is indeed the new and upcoming trend but it is also beneficial to increase productivity. We would suggest alternating between a standing desk and a normal desk – most desks today have the option of being a lower desk or a higher desk
  • Clear your workspace of clutter – use  filing cabinets, decorative baskets, and other holders. These organizing items can be both pleasing to the eye and functional. Hence, attractive and organized spaces improve your happiness and productivity.
  • If possible, have a dedicated space for your home office and ensure there is proper air quality to help with your focus.

Hoppingo’s Must Haves for Setting Up Your Home Office

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Do let us know in the comments section if we’ve missed out on other home office essentials.  Check out our article on buying furniture online here.



Author: Sashena Hassamal

Sashena (Sash) is a netflix-bing watcher and an avid traveler. She is always dreaming about her next beach holiday where she can sip a glass of rose by the beach. She is always interested in new discovering new products which she loves sharing with you all.