Buying reusable face masks in Singapore

It looks like we’re going to be wearing cloth face masks for a while, which is all the more reason to find one that you like. Masks are not a fashion accessory, but they do take up a fair amount of real estate on your face, so it’s not surprising that people are looking for aesthetically pleasing ones. With that in mind,  where to buy reusable face masks in Singapore? Below is a selection of the most stylish masks to buy now.

1. Independent Market

These washable and reusable fabric masks are made with double layered 100% cotton fabric, with an inner cotton gauze pocket for  inserting a disposable filter (not included). These Masks are made in Singapore at their local studio. The masks come in sets of 4 and are available in both adult and kids sizes on their website. The Set of 4 is priced between $32 (kids) and $39(adults). Independent Market Mask


2. Uniqlo

Uniqlo had everyone excited when they announced their mask launch in August – people lined up for their masks as from Day 1. In fact, due to it’s popularity there is now a daily limit of 1 packet per person. It is made in the same material as the Airism series making it a think and breathable cloth mask.  The fabric is also knon to provide UV protection which can be helpful as we tend to spend more time outdoors during this period. The Uniqlo AIRism mask comes in a pack of three for $14.90, and has three sizes (S, M, L) and colors (grey, white and black). The mask can be purchased at the Uniqlo stores or online. 


Uniqlo Mask



3. Under Armour

Under Armour prides itself for its mask as it focused on making a mask perfect for athletes. It’s got the airflow you need, a cool feel, and the best fit for running or training. It’s light, soft-but-structured fabric stays off your mouth and wicks sweat but still allows air to flow through. The fit is secure-but-not-tight, with a soft, adjustable nose bridge, and a strip of baselayer fabric for a snug fit under the glasses. The inside fabric uses UA Iso-Chill technology next to skin to disperse heat, so it actually feels cool when you put it on. And finally, it’s sustainable – it can be washed and ready to wear over and over. The UA mask retails for $35 and can be purchased online or at the stores in Vivocity, Funan or Orchard Central. 


Under Armour


4. Face Wedge

Face Wedge is a Singapore based family business born with two principles in mind: Eco & Fun! Eco – they want to protect the planet from the millions of disposable plastic face masks which will pollute our environment; and fun – the masks are with funky designs, stylish and breathable. FaceWedge masks are soft, 3D face-shaped, washable, reusable, breathable and designed for comfortable extended use. Their masks are available online and start as from $12. You can purchase adult and children sizes.

Face Wedge Masks


5. Will & Well

Face masks cover more than 60% of our face and may have impacted the way we communicate. Will & Well has come up with unique clear masks, especially for those that depend visual senses for communication. With reference to the pictures below, you can be well protected by wearing a mask but at the same time allows individual to read your lips for better communication. The clear mask can be purchases for $20; but they also carry other range of face masks ranging from which you can check out here. 



Now that you’ve got some of the best reusable face masks in Singapore, remember to practice social distancing and adhere to the rules. Let’s kick Covid-19 in the butt!

For reusable face masks, do make sure you wash them regularly after every use with clean warm water and soap.  Most of them are only suitable for hand-wash, so be careful while washing. Ensure they are completely dry before the next use.


Please leave a comment below if you want us to include other places in our list and do also check out our other recommendations here.


Author: Sashena Hassamal

Sashena (Sash) is a netflix-bing watcher and an avid traveler. She is always dreaming about her next beach holiday where she can sip a glass of rose by the beach. She is always interested in new discovering new products which she loves sharing with you all.