Primer YSL reviews by Top Beauty Bloggers

The beauty of applying makeup is its usefulness in enhancing one’s features and covering up wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin tone. Primer Yves Saint Laurent is the perfect product to prep your skin for a long-lasting makeup application even in a humid weather condition as it is in Singapore or some other Asian countries.


  • This amazing primer gives the skin extra radiance.
  • It illuminates complexion and smoothens skin texture.
  • This primer leaves skin without oily buildups.

Touche Eclat Primer YSL Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Influenster  review reveals an almost 5-star rating for the YSL Touché éclat blur primer. Reviewers gushed about how amazing the Yves Saint Laurent- Touché éclat blur primer  feels on the skin and how wonderful it smells. However, they couldn’t help but talk about their wish for it to be priced a bit lower but, the product has proven to be worth it after all.


Cosmostore Primer YSL reviews pointed out the fact that you don’t have to use so much of the product to achieve a desired result.


Her World named YSL primer as one of her 6 best brightening face primers for dewy but not oily skin. She described it as a skin-tingling sensuous texture that feels like liquid cashmere caressing her face and, that it does her combination skin a lot of good.

Touche Eclat YSL Primer

Touche Eclat YSL Primer



You can find the Yves Saint Laurent- Touché éclat blur primer luminous skin 30ml on SweetCare for S$41.56


Common FAQs on Primer YSL

  • Is YSL Touché Éclat primer water based?

No, it isn’t. The YSL Touché Éclat Blur Primer is actually a silicone-based gel primer. This causes it to feel like a layer of oil on the skin.

  • Which foundation is best used with YSL Touché Éclat Primer?

The YSL Touché éclat blur primer works well with every foundation.


Our Verdict

For (+)

  • It lives up to its promise of being the best primer product you can add to your box
  • It gives the face a look of perfection

Against (-)

  • It is expensive

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