Paula’s Choice Exfoliator Reviews Curated from Web

Have you been on the lookout for a skin care product that will make your skin glow or, help you maintain your skin glow? Paula’s Choice Exfoliator is the best exfoliator that can help achieve that. Below are Exfoliator Paula’s Choice reviews from users who can affirm to the product’s effectiveness.


  • It helps you to shed built-up layers of dead skin.
  • It smoothens wrinkles and makes your skin soft.

Customer Reviews of Paula’s Choice Exfoliator 

Jenny on Amazon said she has a sensitive, acne prone, and combination skin. She started breaking out at 24 and it was on and off. It was embarrassing and painful! Well, the exfoliator got rid of all her skin problems. It took about four months for her skin to be completely clear but the product even cleared up stubborn spots that other products were unable to clear.

Ice Frost Diary :I believe this product helped in the improvement of my skin. My acne is somewhat suppressed now with only occasional breakouts (especially when there is a high level of toxins in my body). My skin is definitely smoother and more radiant. Now I no longer need other exfoliating products as this is sufficient. One downside is that when this product is used, I need to keep my skin out of UV rays because my skin would be more sensitive to sunlight.

Claire on Shopee said she has heard so many good points about the product and it really doesn’t disappoint. Her skin had to get used to it within the first week but, after that, it really cleared up any congestion or breakouts. Would repurchase!


Exfoliator Paula'S Choice Reviews

You can get the exfoliator  for $98.30 on Amazon.


What is the right way to apply exfoliator?

You can apply once or twice weekly before cleansing and toning, apply a small amount over your entire face while avoiding direct contact with your eyes and lips, then rinse off to apply your other facial products.

What exactly is the function of the Exfoliator ?

Exfoliator Paula’s Choice exfoliates dead skin cells and clear pores to give you a smooth, radiant, wrinkles-free and glowing skin.

How fast does Exfoliator Paula’s Choice work?

Well, it usually takes between 10 to 12 weeks of consistent use. You might be seeing changes even before then but it becomes more obvious within the stipulated time.


Our Verdict

This is a very good product and the reviews show the product is effective. We highly recommend it for use.

For (+)

  • It creates noticeable radiance
  • It works perfectly well on dry skin.

Against (-)

  • You might want to use sunscreen lotion with this product if you’re prone to sunburn.

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