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Hurom Singapore is known for its slow juicers. Hurom is a trusted and award-winning brand when it comes to Slow Juicers. It’s not your usual juicer. It is a slow juicer and ensures there is a minimal nutritional loss. It gives you healthier juices to relish. Unlike other Juicers, Hurom Slow Juicer squeezes fruits and vegetables at high pressure and optimal rotational speed. It’s simple and convenient to use as well as clean. The juicer looks very stylish and adds a lot of value to your kitchen aesthetics.

With its globally recognised technical expertise, Hurom has become a leading manufacturer of slow juicers over the years. They have won red dot design award too.

Hurom slow juicers are superior quality slow juicers known for their great output that allows you to enjoy all the health benefits of your juices and shakes.

They have 6 series of Juicers – Easy, Classic, Premium, Basic, Chef and Professional Series.

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