Nars Blush Reviews Curated by Beauty Editors

The Nars blush is a premium blush to help reveal the color in your cheeks, and it keeps you glowing all day long. The transparent glitter is a plus as it gives you a stylish and classy look. Below are some Nars Blush Reviews curated by beauty editors.


  • It has a transparent pigment for a subtle look.
  • Wide range of shades for selection.

Reviews By 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Sephora wrote about the natural-looking finish this Nars blush presents, and it blends smoothly with the skin to give a final soft look. They also mentioned how great it is that it comes in different shades for different skin types. It gives a sheer and audacious blush look.

Thebeautylookbook raved about how the blush adds warmth and color to the cheek. It bestows a glint and glossy look because of the glitter in it. However, they advised that those with reservations on glitters usage should not use it.

Bubbly Michelle gushed about her collection of Nars products including the Nars Blush. She loves how it shimmers and makes her look chic after application. She confirmed that it exceeds her expectations. 


nars blush reviews

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Common FAQs on Nars Blush

  • Does it come in different shades of blush? I have a particular skin color.

Yes, it comes in different shades and you will definitely see one that suits your skin shade.

  •  Does it have glitters?

Yes, it does have some glitters in it.

  • Is the blush pigmentation on the heavy side?

No, this Nars blush pigmentation is just the right texture and tone that gives a light natural finish.

Our Verdict

For (+)

  • Comes in different shades.
  • Has a clear pigment.
  • Gives a natural tinge of color
  • It has glitters.

Against (+)

  • Has glints for none users of glitters.
  • Some customers are allergic to the blush texture.

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