Many of us consider ourselves well traveled — pictures of quarterly voyages litter our social media pages—and today there exists a group of elite globetrotters, everywhere. There is a reason we call them “elite”. They possess thick passports with lots of stamps, and also, most impressively, can easily maneuver through any Airport Security with their beauty box still intact. These fantastic folks know exactly how to package themselves for short trips in a single carry-all suitcase.
I mean, they could quite literally pack a whole line up of moisturizers, cleansers, serums, and other travel essentials into their checked suitcases!
Only a handful of us fall squarely into this group. Some of us aspire to fall in that group. We have some help at hand for the aspirers.
Most of us are very familiar with the difficulty associated with trimming down our travel wardrobe to only those critical items required for holiday/business travel.
Apart from the whole weight limit thing for flights, there’s also the space issue. Most beauty enthusiasts will agree that settling for a travel-optimized skincare routine is even harder.
That’s why we consulted with several women in the field of local and international travel to find out what exactly they have in their travel packing list.
The Trick?
Bring lots of cosmetic products that do not count against your samples and liquids – instead of bringing lotions, creams, and liquid shampoo, you should pack facial spray, three or four face masks or small tubes of moisturizing gels, (which can serve as both) and dry shampoo to free up precious space.
Also, to determine the perfect travel-friendly routine, you should take your destination into consideration and how long you plan on staying there.
For colder climates, our experts recommend buying travel essentials that are rich in peptides since the dry, frigid temperatures can dehydrate your skin. Stash a few face masks inside your bag so you can rehydrate on-the-move.
Are you destined for a tropical or humid getaway? Moisturizers and gel cream would be more favorable. Fortunately, most of these must have beauty products now come in travel-size sets.
Jettison that clutter of makeup brushes and sponges from your travel packing list and opt for those products which you can apply quickly and with your fingers instead – such as eye shadow, cream blushes, and lipstick; this may save you only a few seconds, but each second matters when you are on the go.
No matter where you are heading to – sunny or snowy – these daily cosmetic products must be your closest companions.
The Takeaway
Just because it comes in a tiny package doesn’t mean it automatically qualifies for a coveted spot among your travel essentials, — a truly efficient travel routine still requires some form of downsizing especially in terms of skincare steps and fluid ounces. 
Do you desire to appear less jet-lagged and more jet-set? You don’t need to take a cosmetic arsenal with you to travel stylishly. From well-manicured nails and impeccable hair, eyebrows, and lashes to wrinkle-free clothes, feeling refreshed and gorgeous is all about smart packing.
Here are our favorite beauty products capable of transforming your travel style. Believe me; you’ll never leave your home again without them!
Photo by Clayton Cardinalli on Unsplash


Author: Team Hoppingo