Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Reviews Curated By Team Hoppingo

Having a dry and unhealthy skin makes your face look dull and sick. And usually, our skins are dry which is one of the reasons why we need moisturizers to keep our skin looking smooth, healthy, and supple. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream is one of such moisturizers and we have it here in Singapore, all you have to do is get yourself one. Look at the wonderful Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Reviews we have below.


  • Makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Perfect treatment for dry skin.
  • Great for oily skin too
  • Highly recommended by dermatologists.

Reviews Curated By Team Hoppingo

Martinaczka on iHerb said she likes the cream because it has a light texture and delivers the right amount of moisture to her skin. However, she suggested that you should apply a serum under the cream for better results.

Alisa raved so much about this Neutrogena gel cream and says it  is nothing short of a miracle because it works well for all skin types. She also mentioned that there must be so nothing right with the product if it is not only clinically approved but dermatologists recommend it too.

Drum It Loud described the Neutrogena gel cream as a water bank that gives the absolute level of moisture to the skin. When it touches your skin, you get a cold and refreshing feeling that awakens your skin and senses. It is also lightweight and nonsticky texture, meaning your skin absorbs it easily.


moisturizer neutrogena reviews

Moisturizer Neutrogena is on iHerb for S$29.49.


  • Will it cause an oily skin to breakout?

Although this gel cream is most suitable for dry or combination skin, it works amazingly well for oily skin too.

  • Does Neutrogena moisturizer have a sun protection factor?

The product’s label and ingredients do not indicate if this gel cream contains any SPF.

  • Do dermatologists recommend Neutrogena?

Yes, dermatologists recommend this Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream a lot.

Our Verdict

Moisturizer Neutrogena is really good for maintaining a glowing skin.

For (+)

  • Makes the skin glow even without makeup
  • Long lasting moisturizer
  • Increases skin hydration level

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