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What is a complete makeup look without a good mascara? Innisfree Mascara is one of the good mascaras you should have in your makeup kit. Reading the Mascara Innisfree reviews will help you understand how beneficial it is to have one.


  • Coats and give your lashes a natural look.
  • Makes your eyelashes look curled and sharp.

Customer Reviews

Carmen said the wand of the mascara is indeed micro, which coats her lashes well, both top and bottom. It does not transfer or smudge anywhere, and it is easy to wash off.

Heather said she has extremely oily skin, eyelids, eyelashes, and sensitive eyes which makes her skeptical about trying just any brand, including the expensive American brands. She had used some of such American brands before but they didn’t suit her sensitive skin. Heather liked Innisfree Mascara which isn’t waterproof, but also doesn’t run or smudge, even on her greasy monolid.

Azia, in another Mascara Innisfree review, said the mascara is beautiful. She was surprised because she did not expect it to be so tiny and thin. She loves the mascara because it easy to apply to her bottom lashes without smearing or hitting her bottom lid.



mascara innisfree reviews

Innisfree Mascara is on Amazon for $13.62.


Can I leave my mascara on when going to bed?

No, you shouldn’t do that. Make sure to remove mascara from your lashes before going to bed to avoid stiff lashes which can lead to loss of lashes. It can also cause your cornea to itch.

Does the use of mascara lead to loss of eyelashes?

It only does when you are applying it wrongly or when you go to bed regularly without cleaning it off.

Can I use a lash curler before using my mascara?

Yes you can but, you should do so sparingly.

Our Verdict

Mascaras help to give an image of fullness and thickness to the lashes and, Innisfree mascara is one of the best you’ll find.



  • It makes the eyelashes look strong and natural.
  • You can safely wear he mascara for hours


Against (-)

  • It is not waterproof.


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