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Having a bottle of makeup removal within your sight might just be the daily reminder you need to remove your makeup rather than go to sleep with it on. Bifesta makeup remover promises to remove even the heaviest of makeup, so, this task doesn’t have to be a struggle for you after all. Below are some Make-Up Remover Bifesta Reviews curated for you.


  • Contains moisturizing ingredients
  • Free of harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes and dyes
  • Contains botanical beauty oil and micellar water

Nourishes and protects eyelash and eye area

Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Jasmine Chin on DailyVanity wrote that   this Bifester  Make Up Remover is infused with botanical oil and effective enough to not only remove stubborn makeup but, to also leave your skin well-nourished.

Shazrina on Nylon reviewed the pros and cons of miscella water makeup removers, including Bifester Dual phase pore clear. She mentioned that miscella water removers are easy, convenient  and remove most of the makeup from your face. However, you may still need to do a second round of cleansing with a face cleanser to declare your face free of dirt.

CoolJP recommended the Dual Phase Pore Clear Micellar Water for people with dry and sensitive skin because the enriching botanical oils in the makeup remover doesn’t dry out your face like some no-rinse remover products do.


make-up remover bifesta reviews

Bifesta Micella water Dual phase pore clear, 360 ml is found on Amazon for S$12.54


Common FAQs on Make-up Remover Bifesta Reviews

How do you use Bifesta makeup remover?

Squirt a little on a cotton pad and then, wipe your face with it continuously until your face is make-up free.

  • Do you wash off cleansing lotion?

You need not rinse off a cleansing lotion.

  • Do you need to rinse your face after using a miscella water makeup remover solution?

You don’t necessarily need to rinse your face afterwards but, some experts advice that you do so to get your face completely clean.

Our Verdict

For (+)

  • The make-up remover removes dead skin cells during makeup removal
  • Gentle for all skin type
  • It removes heavy makeup without much effort

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