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Your fear when you use lipsticks would probably be that your lipstick will eventually crack and, make you uncomfortable. As such, you always want to go for a brand that won’t disappoint you. Read these Lipstick YSL reviews to see why this brand might be for you.



  • This lipstick moisturizes the lips.
  • Gives perfect lips void of cracks and sensitivities.
  • It has brilliant pigmentation that allows an even finishing.


Customer Reviews

The Lipstick YSL reviews from makeup experts, influencers and consumers reveal more of positive feedback to show they thought the lipstick was good.

Catherine Devine from Allure likes how bright and saturating it is but without the shocking effect some lipsticks have. She also liked that the subtle sheen eventually fades into a satiny shade that stays fresh till after cocktail hours.

Rati from Make Up & Beauty  liked that the lipstick has a very luxurious formula that is light and lasts up to 8 hrs. Although the shininess lasts for just 3 hrs, the 8 hrs stain it leaves is still a good satiny matte shade she loves. She also doesn’t mind that the lipstick is easily transferable.

Rose liked YSL #17, rose dahlia because it’s a beautiful coral, pink color. The lipstick is creamy and hydrating. Also, YSL colors are buildable and this lipstick is long lasting, full of emollients and good for your lips.



lipstick ysl reviews

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Which brand has the best lipstick?

Ans: In looking for the brands with the best lipsticks, YSL is one of such major brands. YSL lipstick is one of the very few lipsticks that last long on the lips.

How can I keep my lips from being dry when I wear lipstick?

Ans: It is advisable to moisturize your lips using a lip balm or natural oil before wearing the lipstick. However, you should not use just any lip balm, avoid the ones that have  glycerin and hyaluronic acid in them because those acids make the lips dry.

What is the best way to apply lipstick?

Ans: When applying a lipstick, start from the center of your lips and then move towards the corner of your mouth. Do not start from the mouth corner to avoid applying lipstick outside the corners of your mouth.


Our Verdict

These lipstick YSL reviews have reaffirmed the excellence of the YSL brand and we recommend this lipstick because of the amazing properties it has.

For (+)

  • YSL lipstick has a satiny matte finish that keeps the lips moisturized
  • Has SPF 15
  • A good satiny outcome after wearing the lipstick for hours.

Against (-)

  • Highly transferable and so, might smudge easily
  • There might be a need to reapply multiple times in a day.

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