Lipgloss Revlon Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

According to the company claims, Revlon Lipgloss does not only make the lips appear glossy and fine but also moisturizes and hydrates the lips. The lipgloss contains three special formulas: agave, moringa oil, and cupuacu butter. The Lipgloss Revlon Reviews below says much more about the effectiveness of the product.


  • Non-sticky gloss
  • Moisturizes the lips.
  • Nice sheen finish

Reviews Curated by Beauty Editors

Frenchy reviewed that the Revlon Super Lustrouss Lip Gloss convinced her to use a lipgloss again after getting so much disappointment from several lipgloss brands that turned out to be sticky or tacky. Luckily for her, this lipgloss has a smooth feel and contains a lustrous shine without leaving gaudy pigment afterwards or when she applies it on a lipstick.

Urmi on Makeup and Beauty said she loves the consistency of the lipgloss and how it is non-sticky. It glides on her lips flawlessly and gives a translucent sheen. Her only complaint was that she had to reapply the gloss because it wears off eventually.

An iHerb customer said the lipgloss is very good and has a beautiful color. She said it spread evenly on the lips without rolling outside if the lip line. It is non-sticky and long-lasting.


lipgloss revlon reviews

Revlon Lipgloss is on iHerb for $7.75


  • What happens if I don’t use Lipgloss Revlon every day?

Nothing will happen to you or your lips. You can decide to use it every day or not.

  • Can I use Lipgloss Revlon without lipstick?

Certainly, you can.

  • Does Revlon Lipgloss make the lips look fuller?

This lipgloss doesn’t necessarily make the lips look fuller unless you line your lips with a lip pencil or lipstick.

Our Verdict

We agree with the Lipgloss Revlon reviews by beauty editors that this is a good lipgloss to help you get the kind of lips that look more beautiful and shinier.

For (+)

  • Comfortable to use.
  • Gives the lips a good gloss appearance.
  • Moisturizing and hydrating.
  • Helps achieve great natural look.

Against (-)

  • You may need to reapply at intervals
  • Some shades contain glitters which you may not like.

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