Lip Balm Vaseline Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

What is your go-to lip balm when your lips are dry and chapped due to dry and dusty weather conditions? You would have noticed that dry lips are rather uncool and uncomfortable, that’s why we recommend the Vaseline lip balm to help you have moist and soft lips all day! These Lip Balm Vaseline Reviews by beauty connoisseurs should help you make a better decision on the type of lip balm you should switch to.


  1. Moisturizes dry and chapped lips quickly.
  2. The petroleum jelly is extra purified.
  3. It helps you maintain healthy looking lips.


Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Lip Balm Vaseline is the first on the list of recommendations on Styles at blog site; which reveals how high they rate the product. The site mentioned that the lip balm is pocket friendly, lasts longer and very easy to use. The Vaseline lip balm works in all weather conditions and contains essential ingredients to ensure the lips are smooth, soft and healthy.


Supertired mom reviewed a collection of Vaseline Lip balms. Her  reviews mentioned that the product is very effective in healing and protecting against chapped lips. She also confirmed that it is neither messy nor sticky and, it is very easy to carry around. Also, it can be used by all genders and age groups.


Zoe, on her blog, Bellatory, highlighted amazing hacks that the Vaseline lip balm can be used for. It can be used to soften cracked feet and, as a highlighter for the cheek make-up application.


lip balm vaseline reviews

The Lip Balm Vaseline is available for $3.10 on Amazon


Common FAQs on Lip Balm Vaseline

1. I wear a lot of white shirts, does the lip balm stick and cause a stain?

The Lip Balm Vaseline does not stick, stain or cause a mess.

2. Is it only used during dry seasons?

No, you can use the lip balm at all times, even when you do not want to wear a lipstick.


Our Verdict

The Vaseline Lip balm works very well for daily use considering it is a no fuss lip balm that can be used on men, women or children.

For (+)

  • Suitable for use especially during dry and harsh weather conditions.
  • Vaseline lip balm makes the lips smooth and healthy.
  • It relieves pain from dry and cracked lips.


Against (-)

  • The lip balm does not replace a lipstick
  • It does not come in different colors and flavors.


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