Lip Balm Mentholatum Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

Lip Balm Mentholatum is a therapy balm that helps repair and prevent the lips from the effects of harsh weathers such as cracks, soreness, or burning sensations. Check out the Lip Balm Mentholatum Reviews from beauty connoisseurs.


  • Contains Camphor for repairing chapped lips
  • Protects the lips from harsh weathers.

Reviews By Beauty Connoisseurs

Dale said she has used this Mentholatum lip balm for many years and was disappointed to find it gone from drugstores. When she was able to finally get it again she was ecstatic to lay hold on a product that works.

Stacey said that the Mentholatum lip balms is perfect for her because it keeps her lips hydrated. The tube is compact, portable and hygienic for easy carriage anywhere. The balm glides easily on the lips and it smells great without any waxy smell.

Thebaconsblog said she is a lip balm fanatic because she hates cracked lips and so, she is quite religious about purchasing the best kinds of lip balm. She said Mentholatum lip balm is really special because of its healing and fast relief properties. The balm keeps the lips moisturized and protected from harsh weather conditions for hours. She thought it was a bit pricey though.



lip balm mentholatum reviews

Lip Balm Mentholatum is on Amazon.


  • Is it safe to use lip balm every day?

Yes, it is safe to use it every day. The lips is usually quick to dry out and become chapped due to the weather. Using lip balm every day will help prevent that.

  • Can I use lip balm when going to bed?

Yes, you can. Moreover, using lip balm when going to bed is good because it is possible to lose moisture on your lips during the night.

  • Does lip balm make lips bigger?

Well, not exactly. It only makes the lips appear moisturized and dewy.

Our Verdict

Just as the Lip Balm Mentholatum Reviews indicate, this is a good product for taking care of the lips, especially since it contains SPF.

For (+):

  • Protects the lips.
  • Prevent lips from being chapped and cracked.

Against (-)

  • Quite pricey

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