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How many lip balms out there can have about four tinting colours in just one lip balm, Laneige Stained Glow Lip Balm is the exceptional.  Laneige Stained Glow Lip Balm Reviews show that it has these colours in it: berry pink, rich red and mandarin coral. The lip balm makes the lips soft and glimmer, you should try it.


Reviews Curated By Hoppingo

Marssella Lim said she loves the color. It is just what she is looking for. She has dark color lips, so it is really hard to find a sweet cherry lipstick. Now she found it and it is moisturizing.

Katherine wasn’t so crazy about this lip balm for a few reasons; the packaging, the shade, and the outlook and feel when the lip balm dries out. Although she thought pink lips lovers won’t mind the product but she was kind of disappointed because she loves other Laneige products.

Kim said she loves this Laneige Lip Stain Balm because it has a light texture and gives a soft,  tint of colour. She didn’t mind the subtle fruity fragrance as it didn’t disturb too much. Overall, she enjoys using this balm on days she decides to go for a light makeup.


lip balm laneige reviews

Lip Balm Laneige is on Sephora for $33.00.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can Laneige Lip Balm make my lips look fuller?

Yes, Lip Balm Laneige will make your lips fuller, plump and voluminous.

  • Do I have to use Lip Balm Laneige every day?

No, you don’t have to. You can decide to use it on days you don’t wear a lipstick .

  • Can I use Laneige Lip Balm even though I have a dark skin?

Laneige lip balm compliments all skin type so, yes you can use it.

Our Verdict

We agree that Laneige Lip Balm is a great and exceptional product. It is especially good for preventing dry and cracked lips in winter.

For (+)

  • Gives a fresh fruity scent.
  • Keeps the lips moist and soft
  • Prevents cracks and dryness

Against (-)

  • A bit pricey.
  • You may need to reapply often

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