Lip Balm Kiehls Reviews Curated From Web

Most times it is hard to get the perfect lip balm that won’t only keep your lips hydrated but also gives protection against harsh weather conditions. Kiehls’ petroleum skin protectant lip balm will help keep your lips well moisturized and looking healthy. It is also proven to relieve cracked and dry lips. Below are some Lip Balm Kiehls Reviews curated from Web.


  • The Kiehls lip balm is dermatologist tested.
  • It relieves chapped, dry, and cracked lips.
  • Keeps the lips gentle and soft.
  • Provides minimum safety from sunburn.

Reviews By 3 Top Influencers And Beauty Websites

Kristina on Myer said the lip balm  texture is not too thick but, it’s instead very light. She applies both at night and in the morning to achieve soft moisturized lips. Also, she loves the cranberry scent which is not overwhelming.

A reviewer on Amazon stated that after trying other lip balms of different prices, the Kiehls lip balm saved her severely chapped lips in the dry and winter mountain weather with its soothing texture.

The Wedding Vows listed the best lip balms to buy in Singapore and mentioned the Kiehls’ lip balm. They said it gives you soft, supple, and moisturized lips. It soothes, hydrates and, heals dry and chapped lips.


lip balm kiehls reviews

Lip Balm Kiehls is available on Strawberry Net for $20.50.

Common FAQs on Lip Balm Kiehls

  • What does the lip balm do for the lips?

It helps your lips stay smooth and supple during harsh weather conditions.

  • Does it have sunscreen?

No. The label does not promise safety from sun rays.

  • Does it come in different color shades?

No. It does not.

Our Verdict

This Kiehls lip balm is a go-to lip balm for many and most customers confirmed that it is great for use for all seasons especially during winter. It keeps the lip moisturized always.

Even though some customers find it disappointing that it has no sunscreen, we still recommend this lip balm to help your lips stay comfortable and chap-free.

For (+)

  • It keeps the lips hydrated and soft.
  • Prevents cracked and split lips.
  • Suitable for use in all weather, especially in dry and wet weather.

Against (-)

  • Does not contain sunscreen
  • It’s a bit expensive.

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