Innisfree My Lip Balm Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

Lip balm is the perfect item to use in pampering your lips. It helps in maintaining healthy looking lips, and it can also be used on the go. Innisfree lip balm is a light weight lip balm formulated to keep the lips moisturized and smooth. Below are some lip balm Innisfree reviews curated by beauty editors.


  • Keeps the lips soft and smooth
  • Formulated with moisture boosting plant oils
  • Gives the lips a natural looking tint

Lip Balm Innisfree Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Tracey of Tracey Studio loved the simple packaging and direct instructions on how to use the product. She also liked that when applied, it is totally transparent on the lips and hugs her lips so well. She also likes the applicator which is easy to use.

BeautyInsider reviewed that the applicator tip also mimics your lip’s natural curves thus making it easy to apply without a mirror.

Becca M. on YouTube reviewed all the shades of the Innisfree Lip balm. She was particularly impressed with the beautify aluminum-oily packaging and the nice fragrance of the balm. Becca didn’t really like that it required a lot of pressure to get the contents out. Finally, she thought it’s a bit on the high side and a pigmentation shade that didn’t make much of a difference. You can check out the video with the different swatches below.



lip balm innisfree reviews

My Lip Balm by Innisfree  is available on iHerb for $14.58

Common FAQs on Lip Balm Innisfree

  • Does lip balm actually work?

Yes, they are especially useful in sealing in moisture on the lips.

  • Is Innisfree lip balm good?

Yes it is, reviews don’t prove otherwise

  • What ingredient in Lip Balm is bad?

Menthol, Phenol, camphor, or any other sort of alcohol

  • Do lip balms have side effects?

No, it is safe to use lip balms, especially when it is from a trusted brand.

Our Verdict

Innisfree Lip balm is easy to use, and it keeps the lips looking smooth and nice.

For (+)

  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Gives the lips a natural look

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