Kate Eye Brow Pencil Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

The right kind of eyebrow pencil makes all the difference and these Kate Eye brow pencil reviews swear by this product that it helps you to achieve a great looking set of eyebrows.


  • Natural looking eyebrows pencil
  • Has a smooth feel
  • Defined precise tip

Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

Facemadeup said this eyebrow pencil is a bit more on the cool ashy and grey side, compared to some pencil types that are too dark for people with really dark hair. The product is also compact enough that you can throw in your handbag to anywhere. The only exception to this retractable pencil is that it lacks a spoolie on or a tinted gel to help set the brows perfectly.

Olives said this is probably the best eyebrow pencil she had ever used because it is very light so that when you fill in your brows, your brows still look pretty natural. She is happy with the the dark brown shade she got too.

Yesstyle said this eyebrow pencil is the best because it blends properly with her real eyebrows leaving them looking natural. It also has a defined tip so it’s easy to draw whatever shape she want.


kate eye brow pencil reviews

Kate Eyebrow Pencil is on Watsons for $10.90


  • Is brow gel bad for my eyebrows?

Brows can be  quite stubborn to control with ordinary pencil and gel helps to tame them properly. However, you should go easy on gel usage because they can make your brows become more brittle or lead to loss of hair in that region.

  • What color of eyebrow pencil should I use?

You should use a pencil that is one shade lighter than your hair because you want to achieve a softer and natural look. You might not be able to get this result if your pencil is as dark as your hair.

  • Can I use an eyeliner pencil for eyebrows?

Yes, you can use an eyeliner and then fill it up with the help of eyeshadow or mascara.

Our Verdict

The Kate Eye brow Pencil reviews has shed more light on how good this pencil is for easily drawing the kind of eyebrows you want.

For (-)

  • Easy to use
  • Precise tip for smooth application
  • Matte feel

Against (+)

  • Doesn’t continue a spoolie or gel for a perfect finishing.

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