Many of us only started working out at home in 2020. We’ve noticed that many people go with shiny and fancy equipment when actually all you need are a few basic items for a full-body functional workout. We’ve put together a list of home gym essentials to make your home workouts easier.

  • Bands and a skipping rope are the easiest equipment for you to own . They are also very useful on the go whilst travelling.
  • Weights can be in the form of dumbbells, kettlebells or medicine balls. They will enhance your workout and help you built more lean muscle.
  • For your core days, the bosu ball and sliders will really take your workout up a notch. Have you ever tried doing mountain climbers with the sliders? Or even lunges? Give it a try on your next workout and let me know how you felt.
  • A yoga mat and foam roller are always handy to have for stretches and cool down.


Recommended Home Gym Essentials

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Do leave us a comment if you think we should add other items in our essential lists. We’ve put together some other essentials for other space in your house; read them here.


Author: Sashena Hassamal

Sashena (Sash) is a netflix-bing watcher and an avid traveler. She is always dreaming about her next beach holiday where she can sip a glass of rose by the beach. She is always interested in new discovering new products which she loves sharing with you all.