Sephora Must Have Glow Highlighter Palette Reviews Curated From Web

It is common knowledge that if you want to add more ‘life’ to your makeup, one major way to do so is to dab on some highlighter. But then, knowing the one that is right for your skin tone might be a difficult task. Below are some Sephora Must Have Glow Highlighter Reviews curated from Web. This highlighter promises a healthy glow that suits all complexions.


  • Face, eye and lip palette

Highlighter Sephora Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

DailyVanity Highlighter Sephora Reviews revealed that it feels weightless and it has a unique mirror effect that makes the skin look radiant.

HerWorld reviewed that a bit of highlighter can give that lit- from- within luminescence.

Stella Kae said that the ideal places to highlight are underneath the arch of the brow, in the inner corner of the eyes, the bridge of the nose between the eyes, the higher parts of the cheeks, and right above the lips at the cupid’s brow.



highlighter sephora reviews

Sephora Collection Must-have Glow Highlighter palette is available on SEPHORA for $26.00

Common FAQs on Highlighter Sephora

  • What brand has the best highlighter?

Sephora Collection Highlighter is one of the best highlighters you can find.

  • Which is better, liquid highlighter or powder?

For a dry skin, liquid highlighter is better, while for an oily skin, it is better to use powder highlighter.

  • Can I wear highlighter without any makeup?

Yes you can, just ensure that it matches your skin tone.

Our Verdict

We think the Sephora Highlighter is suitable for use in achieving a glowing look. It adds just the right shimmer and sparkle to your makeup.

For (+)

  • Makes the skin look radiant
  • Healthy glow

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