Maybelline MasterChrome Highlighter Reviews Curated By Beauty Editors

Are you in search of highlighter that helps you achieve a brilliant contouring? Maybelline MasterChrome Highlighter is your answer. Below are some Maybelline MasterChrome Highlighter Reviews curated by beauty editors.


  • Maybelline highlighter gives the skin a molten metallic sheen.
  • Gives a reflective glow to the skin
  • It comes in different shades for different skin tones.

Reviews By 3 Top Influencers And Beauty Websites

Comamakeup revealed that the Maybelline highlighter covers the skin seamlessly in a molten metal sheen. The product gives the face a bright and luxurious look. According to their review, the highlighter’s pigment leaves a fine and reflective finish.

Sable Young called the Maybelline Master Chrome highlighter your go-to highlighter for an eye-catching reflective look. She said it gives you a daring and blinding shine. Her favorite part is that it is very affordable.

Nikki said the highlighter powder has a soft and creamy texture that gives you a melted metallic glowy finish. The Maybelline’s pearl pigments leaves you with a transparent and brilliantly glowing skin.


highlighter maybelline reviews

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Common FAQs on Highlighter Maybelline

  • Does it come with an applicator?

No, it does not.

  • Is a mirror attached to the product?

A mirror is not inclusive in the product’s packaging.

  • Will the highlighter give me a glowy look?

The Maybelline highlighter has a reflective pigment that gives a molten metallic glow finish.

Our Verdict

We believe using the Maybelline Highlighter can give you the desired glowing look. It is highly pigmented and long-wearing.

For (+)

  • Highlighter Maybelline gives a glowing metallic finish.
  • Has reflective pigment.
  • It is travel friendly.

Against (-)

  • It does not come with an applicator or a mirror.

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