Gift Box For Grandchildren
From Grandparents

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Grandparents often joke that their job is to spoil the grandchildren but the last two years have been hard for families staying away. While grandparents have done a fabulous job of embracing technology to stay in touch with grandkids, ordering or buying gifts for grandkids staying in Singapore is still not all that easy.

This is the reason we have come up with a Grandparents Love Hamper. This is not just another gift, these are blessings inside a box.
We thank all the partners who enthusiastically took part in the initiative. Parents can order this on behalf of the Grandparents. There will be a personalized note inside the box.

grandparent box

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What's in the Box?

- Box 1 has 5 products ($21)
- Box 2 has all the products from box 1 and additionally a toy ($28)

sunscreen anessa reviews Tiny Feat Kitchen

Homemade granola a healthy start to your kid’s day or a bowl of healthy evening snack. This Granola has the goodness of honey, oats, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, M&M in vanilla flavour.

sunscreen anessa reviews Candescent Box

Natural hand poured soy wax candles that have proven to last 50% longer. The fragrances are a combination of essential oils, natural components from plants or flowers and synthetic components. No toxic fumes, parabens, sulphates, phthalates additives or anima l testing.

sunscreen anessa reviews And Sew She Did

Handmade pure cotton masks for kids that are breathable and fit well. Prints are kids friendly and can be worn by girls and boys both.

sunscreen anessa reviews Idealah

Introduce your kids to the beautiful handmade playful toys. They are washable, hygienic , safe and 100% cotton. Idealah toys are soft and eco-friendly, they are carefully crafted for your little ones. Kids can use it for playing, cuddling or you can even hang it on your child's cot. Note: Only one of the toys will be a part of the hamper

sunscreen anessa reviews Balaji Wafers

Balaji Wafers is a name synonymous with Indian snacks. Kids love chips and hence it is a perfect addition to the box. They have many different flavors.

sunscreen anessa reviews Posh Pantry

Award-winning artisanal jams of the highest quality. There is a pinch of love in every jar.


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    Hoppingo is a product discovery platform that curates functional and amazing products. You can create your own box with samples or choose from the many available themes. Hoppingo reviews products with the help of specialists and subject matter experts. It is a new cool way to try new products. ‘Grandparents Love’ was a theme conceptualized by Hoppingo.

    Hoppingo Partnered with Partners in UpBringing to create this box. Partners in Upbringing put life into this box.

    Partners in UpBringing is a podcast on parenting hosted by two mothers, Himani & Kalyani, based in Singapore. They aim to address a variety of parenting topics through interviews and conversations with subject matter experts and fellow parents globally. Each episode provides a holistic perspective and interesting ideas on topics related to parenting.

    Why listen to them?

    Traditionally, the Prince & Princess used to be trained by the best teachers from across the Kingdom to ensure they become responsible, wise, and able.

    Partners in Upbringing brings to you the best inputs from their wide network of experts, interesting perspectives of fellow parents, ideas, and tips for the right upbringing of your Prince and Princess.

    They help you to help your children. Click here to listen to their podcast.