These days, it seems you’re not just fashionable enough until you own something with a mottled pattern.
The Marble texture has successfully trumped all the standard prints (like chevron and leopard) that long held sway over the fashion industry, with fashion bloggers worldwide spreading the marble word by calling for more minimalist pattern and background approaches.
But anyone will agree that marble isn’t anything new. Ancient Greeks and Romans were very much fascinated by marble backgrounds and textures, and they built majestic structures which are still standing; even as you read these words.
Seriously?! Let’s take a moment to allow this sink in, shall we?
The Marble Style Never Goes Out Of Fashion
Marble is an opulent mineral texture which immediately reminds one of Italian charm.
To the discerning mind, marble evokes the quarries of Carrara along with Renaissance sculptors in search of the finest marble.
We love the timeless elegance of marble texture which offers up more value and intensity to our fashion items and interiors, almost like you are getting glimpses of eternity.
The fact that today’s designers are bringing back the marble texture is really quite fascinating. 
Marble has been around for ages, but we are only now starting to witness it being used to inspire texture and background in virtually every single field of design. Web design, print design, interior design, fashion design, or product design, just name it.
Marble Everywhere!
Our goal at Hoppingo is to get you closer to that marble action.
If you frequently visit Instagram, you should have already noticed the marbled epidemic of clothes, nail art, and accessories spreading across your home feed.
So if you are ready to take on the classic home ware pattern challenge, we’ve discovered amazing items on the market like this remarkable marble phone case which should give you smooth sailing.