Fuschia Fashion : Everything In Shades Of Fuschia

Swati Gauba

It is bright! It has undertones! It’s kind of difficult to spell!

Fuchsia, the bold color of the season has turned up countless times during the past few months on fashion runways and designers are not shying away from displaying the versatile nature of this particular shade of fuchsia pink.

The catwalks of Paris are strutting defiantly in fuchsia. It’s appeared at top boutiques on high-heeled stilettos, resurfaced at Vanity fairs as a pink leather mackintosh, and then came out blazing at the usually neutral Hermès fashion show where it comprised of a remarkable tulle-skirted evening gown.

Balenciaga followed suit by pairing fuchsia with purple Spandex while Valentino finally closed the deal with their hybrid cape/dress, tight around the neck to stunning effect.

Of course, like many key fashion trends, it is easier said than done; very few individuals can go head-to-toe with such a vibrant color.

Most would opt for a small touch of fuchsia, like Alexander Wang’s take, which paired tight leather pants with a striking fuchsia pink collarless blazer.

Some Fuchsia History

Think pink - but not like bubblegum or dusty rose - graphic designers or desktop printer users who have to frequently refill their ink cartridges will likely recognize fuchsia as almost magenta, or that pinkish ink cartridge which is often called “the red ink."

Fuchsia derives its name from Leonhard Fuchs, a 16th-century botanist from Germany. The color was initially introduced as a dye – fuschine - in 1859, and was later called magenta, to honor the victory of the French during the battle of Magenta - an Italian city.

Fuchsia falls on the purplish side of pink; it has often been described as vivid pink, reddish-purple, hot pink and light purple.

Fuchsia is a mixture of cool/warm color. It is a playful color which can appear sophisticated when it is paired with cooler, darker colors; although too much fuchsia may be overwhelming.

We strongly recommend adding our fuchsia picks below to your current wardrobe. You can also mix your fuchsia pink with other separates colors. It’s all about taking current trends and wearing them your way.

fuchsia fashion
Sephora Collection Nano Lip Liner 9 Fuchsia

Sephora Collection Nano Lip Liner 9 Fuchsia

Sephora Collection Brilliant Jumbo Cheeks & Lips 05 Fuchsia

Sephora Collection Brilliant Jumbo Cheeks & Lips 05 Fuchsia

Sephora Collection Original Ultra Shine Lip Gel 22 Fuchsia Fiesta

Sephora Collection Original Ultra Shine Lip Gel 22 Fuchsia Fiesta

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