Nars All Day Luminous Foundation Reviews Curated by Beauty Editors

Do  you need a foundation that flawlessly hides skin imperfection and gives a fine finish? Below are some Nars All Day Luminous Foundation Reviews curated by beauty editors to help you understand better why you need this  foundation is.


  • Nars Foundation contains flexible polymers and abundant pigments.
  • It protects the face from sun and pollution.

Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Andy said the liquid Nars Foundation spreads well on the skin and gives you an immediate glowing finish that lasts throughout the day. She however said she doesn’t recommend the product to persons with dry skin or acne-prone skin because of its tendency to emphasize dry patches on the skin.

The Glossier said she is usually sceptical about brands that claim to have so much in just one product, and for all skin types too! Hence, her surprise when this luminous Nars Foundation was the perfect fit for her face. Although the consistency of the liquid is runny, she likes that it still provide enough coverage in just one to two pumps.

Neha commented on her blog about the wide range of shades and how the one she chose suited her skin perfectly. She loved the fact that this lightweight liquid foundation has oil control abilities which prevents her skin from looking oily at the end of the day


foundation nars reviews

The Foundation Nars is $62.65 on Amazon.

Common FAQs on Foundation Nars

  • Is it available in different skin tones?

Yes, it is available in various skin tones that blend well with the skin.

  • Does this foundation hide blemishes and scars?

Nars Foundation as much as possible hides skin impurities, and, gives your skin a smooth finish.

  • What tone does this liquid Nars foundation have?

This Nars foundation has more of a yellow tone than pink.

Our Verdict on Foundation Nars

For (+)

  • Has a Lightweight feel on the skin
  • Long-wearing
  • Doesn’t oxidize
  • It gives the skin complexion a beautiful and healthy look.
  • Travel-friendly.

Against (-)

  • Price is a bit high
  • Not recommended for dry skin
  • Counterfeit products available in the market.

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