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A makeup look requires a good foundation as much as a house does. It is best to understand your skin properly so that you can make the right choice when choosing your foundation.  Below are some Foundation Kryolan reviews to guide your decision process.


  • Smooth face effect
  • No need to use powder
  • Suitable for all kinds of skin

Foundation Kryolan Reviews by 3 Top Influencers and Beauty Websites

Anvyn thought this was a good foundation choice, especially for people with a normal or dry skin. She especially loved using it during most winter months because it glides on easily. It also has an excellent layering which gives her the kind of natural look she loves. Another great thng about this foundation is that it lasts for six to twelve months.

Nivanya revealed that the best thing about the foundation is that whatever the coverage you go for, you will end up looking stunning in photographs. She also mentioned that you are sure to get a shade that will suit you because this particular range of Kryolan foundations is amazing.

A customer on Camera Ready  said she has been using Kryolan Supracolor as her concealer for  about 15 years and she doesn’t get tired of loving it. The foundation is perfect for her fair skin which usually suffers from dark under eye. It helps her conceal her blemishes a lot and it lasts for hours. A little bit of the product goes far an the creamy texture blends so well.



foundation kryolan reviews

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Common FAQs on Foundation Kryolan

  • Is Kryolan good makeup?

Kryolan products are dermatologically tested for safety

  • Is Kryolan cruelty free?

Yes, it is 100% cruelty fee

  • Is Kryolan hypoallergenic?

Yes, and so they are suitable for sensitive skin

Our Verdict

We think Kryolan Foundation is a good choice of foundation especially for photos.

For (+)

  • Long- lasting
  • Looks good in photographs
  • No need to use powder

Against (-)

  • Quite hard to wash off


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